On The Go snacks for On The Go people

On The Go snacks for On The Go people This is me in all my Glory for 99% of the week – the mom, the teacher, the “paklorrie” as we would say in Afrikaans. My days are often a rush, with little to no time to spare. I always have something to do, somewhere to be and I do have to admit that this created some really bad habits for

Reinvent Play With MEXAConstruX HotWheels

Reinvent Play With MEXAConstruX HotWheels What happens when you smash together 2 of the most popular toys for boys (and girls) – lego and hotwheels? Well, let me tell you, the coolest, very exciting MEXAConstruX HotWheels are born! This toy is so cool and truly was a gamechanger, or should I say play changer in our home! It’s a toy that got me almost as excited as it got A

Arm your skin with SBR this winter!

Arm Your Skin With SBR This Winter! Every household has THAT product that has been passed down for generations, that one product that you grew up knowing as the “fix it all” product, and that your household ALWAYS have hidden somewhere. For our family it has always been the SBR creams. Skin issues have always been a major problem in my family. My mom and brother both suffer from severe

Khula Kosblik – The Answer To Every Mom’s Lunchbox Dilemma

Khula Kosblik – The Answer To Every Mom’s Lunchbox Dilemma A healthy outside starts from the inside… – Robert Urich I don’t know about anyone else’s kids, but A is like a crazy, monstrous snack machine! No need to ask him if he’s hungry, because he is ALWAYS hungry! A does not stop eating… ever! If he doesn’t want to eat you know that he is not feeling well at

Truth TV – Faith Based Family Friendly Entertainment

TruthTV – Faith Based Family Friendly Entertainment Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old; he will not depart from it”. Many of my followers already know A’s story, but I’ll quickly give it to all of you in a nutshell in order for you to understand why TruthTV has made such an impact in our lives. A was an answered

BLOWOUT Action with WWE Superstars

BLOWOUT Action with WWE Superstars If you ask me anything about WWE I would probably stare at you like you were from another universe, BUT ask A and he would immediately go into WWE wrestle mode and show you his moves and muscles. A’s dad was always a busy, on the go man, but he never missed his WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdowns, and neither did A’s siblings.

mega blocks little builder drill set

Let’s get to work with The MEGAblocks Lil’ Building Drill Set

Let’s get to work with The Megablocks Lil’ Building Drill Set Play is the building blocks of life they say, so I say let’s get building and what better way to do that than through Megablocks!? Megablocks has been a huge hit in our home for the last 4 years! A got his first set when he turned 1 and his collection has grown over the last 4 years, and

EduVenturing – Blissful Bathtime for Everyone

Eduventuring – Blissful Bathtime For Everyone Over the past few years we have been introduced to a whole new world of bathtime fun. We have been very privileged to try different bath products – each unique and special in their very own way, but it is not very often that mommy gets to be spoiled too. Eduventuring sent both A and I some bathtime spoils and it was just so

Swing, Climb, Go Wild with Blue Heaven’s Swing board

Swing, Climb, Go Wild with Blue Heaven’s Swing Board Because to move is Art As a mom and teacher I am always looking for versatile and educational toys – toys that will encourage my boy to use his imagination, to explore, to PLAY. Kids these days are surrounded with all kinds of technology that steal their childhoods – tablets, phones, game stations, etc. Kids no longer know how to PLAY!

Never miss another milestone with Blink Portraits

Never Miss Another Milestone With Blink Portraits “They grow up too fast” sounds like just another cliché, that is until you become a parent… I only really started to understand this when I became a mom. As a mom the days can feel so incredibly long, but the years are so so very short. You blink and suddenly they sit, blink again and they crawl, blink-walk, blink-talk, blink and they


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