Messy Bo Peeps Bringing The Mess Back Into Messy Play

Messy Bo Peeps Bringing The Mess Back Into Messy Play


I am a HUGE messy play fan! I’ve always believed in the fact that dirty kids are happy kids and the best way to learn is through using ALL of the senses. As a teacher I also know of the incredible benefits that sensory play holds and how important it is for our littles development. A had his very first messy play activity when he was around 4 months old, and it was one of the main concepts that I based my homeschooling experience around. We used messy play for everything, and every single activity always had a way to turn into a messy play one. As A got a little older, it became a little harder to find messy play ideas that he could enjoy, since most of the activities didn’t entertain him or stimulate him for more than a couple of minutes. He also became a lot more aware and for example would use the add ons to avoid getting his hands dirty, etc. I eventually just gave up on trying, because I could not justify paying hundreds of Rands on ingredients and toys to work into our messy play activity, only to have A 1. Complain about getting his hands dirty and 2. Lose interest 5-10 minutes in.

Then Bodene from Messy Bo Peeps was so incredibly kind to ask if she could send A a gift to help entertain him while his school was closed during lockdown, and that little spark inside me lit up again. I have been following her page for a while, and quite honestly, I could not pick a favorite kit, because all of her kits are just so beautiful, and so wonderfully thought through. She surprised A with her awesome military kit, and all I can say is WOW! The kit was every boy’s dream in a box and since A just recently found his love for the little military soldiers, it was right up his alley. BUT before I ram and rave about the box itself, because spoiler alert, I’m going to, let me just introduce you to Messy Bo Peeps first.

Who or what is Messy Bo Peeps?

Messy Bo Peeps was started by Bodene, a qualified preschool teacher with a passion for messy play and learning through play. She started making her own taste safe products for her own kids after becoming a stay at home mommy, and so Messy Bo Peeps was born. Messy Bo Peeps makes themed sensory and messy play boxes, and each product is carefully selected, made and put together by Bodene herself to ensure that all of the mediums are safe for our little ones. She can also custom make sensory/messy play boxes to fall within your little one’s interests and to ensure that it is age appropriate for every child. Now that you know a little bit more about the little local small business, let the ram and raving begin.

What I love about Messy Bo Peeps:

1. Quality

The quality of the products is impeccable! The kit comes packaged in a proper re-usable plastic container which I absolutely loved, because I finally have a space to store all of A’s military figurines, and toys. The toys included can also be used long after all of the messy play ingredients have been used up and is definitely value for money. The ingredients were also fresh, and you could see that careful consideration was taken with regards to the ingredients used.

2. Taste Safe

I love that the messy play ingredients used are all taste safe, which means that it is safe for all ages, so even A’s little cousie could join in if need be, or a younger sibling if he had one. When A was younger, I remember that it was always a mission to get taste safe products, and I always had to make my own clay, etc. which brings me to point 3.

3. Convenience

I loved that the products were all made, packaged separately and ready to be played with. I literally only had to pour water into the one mix, and everything was ready. Set up was so fast, easy and convenient, because the kit contained everything we needed for hours of fun. That meant that I didn’t have to deal with the mess of making clay, or other messy play products, I only had the fun of setting it up and seeing his excitement as he played. BIG BONUS!

4. Products encourages messy play

One of my favorite things about this kit was that it encouraged him to get down and dirty. It didn’t include apparatus such as spoons, or cups which generally helps them avoid the dirt because instead of pouring the mud over the tank with their hands they would use the spoon, or cup. No, A HAD to use his hands to hide his little soldiers under the edible mud or use the clay to build his shelter. It was incredible!

5. Variety

The online shop has me as excited as a little girl in a candy shop! There is a kit for every occasion, and I’m pretty sure no matter your child’s interest you will find something special for them on there. And if by any chance there isn’t that one specific thing that you’re looking for, she will go out of her way to make you a kickass custom kit.

6. The travel kits

These are one of my absolute favorites, because I cannot be the only person who have had trouble entertaining my wild boy in a busy restaurant or in a car ride, especially now since a lot of play areas are closed because of covid. Her travel kits are so beautiful and small enough to pack in a hand bag or backpack to ensure that your little one keeps learning and playing and are entertained at times when boredom strikes. Don’t worry these are not messy.

7. Affordable

I don’t know how she does it, but these kits are super affordable with the travel kits selling for only R90 and the sensory boxes for around R220! You definitely get value for money that’s for sure!

8. Hours of fun

I kid you not, A spent HOURS playing with his kit, and I absolutely loved watching him every second of it. It was beautiful and his excitement was surreal.

9. Customer service

The customer service is out of this world. Bodene is so kind and she is always ready to help. We had such a wonderful Messy Bo Peeps experience!

All-in-all I am completely obsessed with these boxes, and I already placed my next order. These will make such beautiful birthday or Christmas gifts, and the bonus is that it’s not only fun, but it’s also good for their development and educational! It’s a literal win-win! I have never seen my boy get so excited about getting dirty. He loved every second of it and the fun thing is that I can also reuse the toys for some more exciting messy play adventures in the future. It’s gets a double thumbs up from both A and I!

You can read more about Messy Bo Peeps, check out all of her incredible kits and order yours right here –

Lots of messy love

~ A and Mommy ~

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