A Peek At Peek A Blocks

A Peek At Peek A Blocks Peek A Blocks is a new construction type toy from Fisher Price and Mega Blocks. They are colorful and fun and hold more than just a few little surprises. With this toy A got to launch into an amazing 3-story Amusement park with his fun and exciting doggy and kitty chase. The toy is an all-new and super fun design for action-reaction play and

Play Sense Virtual Play Group

Play Sense Virtual Play Group When we were asked to partake in a week trial for Play Sense’s new virtual playgroup I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. Aryan is a busy body and an outdoors child. I kept thinking to myself “I can’t even get him to sit still and watch a video, how was I supposed to keep him focused on a screen for 30 minutes”?

AcornKids – A Whole New World of Educational Bathtime Fun

AcornKids – A Whole New World of Educational Bathtime Fun As a mom I have come to love versatile products – One product, one expense  and  a whole lot of uses, but what I love even more than versatile products, are  products that are not only educational, but also allows Aryan to explore and develop his curiosity without leaving a huge mess for me to clean! Moms, I hear you,

Rugby Tots – For the love of F.U.N

Rugby Tots – For the love of F.U.N Make exercising more fun, make learning more fun, make developing crucial skills more fun – at Rugby Tots everything is just more fun! Ever since Aryan’s birth I have been hunting down fun and exciting extracurricular activities for us to do together. It all started with moms and babes when Aryan was about 4 months old, and I really got to experience

Little Gentlemen goes KiCoco

Little Gentlemen goes KiCoco As a First-time boy mom, I’ve faced many challenges, but one of my greatest, most frustrating challenges has been finding good quality, yet stylish and fashionable clothing for my wild boy child. Girly prettiness is everywhere, and you can find just about anything pretty, sparkly and pink in every single clothing store you step in, by the isles, but somehow boy’s fashion is limited to jeans,

Childs Farm – Bringing a Gentle Touch to Sensitive Skin

Childs Farm – Bringing a Gentle Touch to Sensitive Skin But who said gentle means boring, dull, and fragranceless. That’s kind of the assumption we make when we hear of products made for sensitive or eczema prone skin, isn’t it? But Childs Farm is so much more than that. Our family is constantly searching for products that are not only affordable, but also value for money, but lately there is

Koningskind Aktiwiteitsboks

Koningskind Aktiwiteitsboks – An Activity Box with a Twist When I saw the Koningskind advert on Facebook it wasn’t the attractive packaging or all of the amazing educational activities that caught my attention, no, although it was colorful and fun, I have seen so many different activity boxes doing the rounds and were even subscribed to some – all of which were colorful, fun, and educational. What really set Koningskind