25 Fun, Memory Making Activities For This December Holiday

25 Fun, Memory Making Activities For This December Holiday We all look forward to a quiet, peaceful December Holiday to recharge and rest after a long, hard year. A holiday filled with sleep-ins, suntans, drinks with friends and long afternoon naps, but as mothers we know that this will likely remain but a wish on our Christmas Wishlist for the next 16 years. The kind of expectation vs reality thing.

Jungle Themed Activities

22 Fun Jungle Themed Activities For Your Toddler This July Aryan and I went on a little Jungle adventure, where we discovered some of his favourite animals – Lilo the Lion, Sally the Snake, Myra the monkey and Ellie the Elephant. Each week one of our new friends taught us a little bit more about themselves while we had fun learning and developing some crucial fine motor, gross motor and

Easter Activities and Hacks to try at home

Easter Activities and Hacks to try at Home Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays, but not just because of the easter bunny, or because it’s okay to have chocolates and hot cross buns for breakfast, but because it has always had a way of re-connecting and bringing together everybody in my family. But as I look back I realise it’s not the easter egg hunts, easter bunny

About Activities

Play is our brain’s favourite way of Learning When I became a mom it was my number one priority to give my little gem the best. As a newborn that’s fairly easy – feed, burp, change, nap – repeat. But as they get older we suddenly realise that the nap times shorten and their need for stimulation increases. They get busier and if not stimulated fussier and eventually naughtier. I