Arm your skin with SBR this winter!

Arm Your Skin With SBR This Winter!

Every household has THAT product that has been passed down for generations, that one product that you grew up knowing as the “fix it all” product, and that your household ALWAYS have hidden somewhere. For our family it has always been the SBR creams. Skin issues have always been a major problem in my family. My mom and brother both suffer from severe eczema and sensitive skin, I suffer from dry skin and A inherited my mom’s sensitive skin. I remember as a child that we could never buy my mom your “ordinary” gifts such as bath products, jewellery, makeup, etc, because she would get extreme reactions from them. Growing up my brother suffered just as badly since all kinds of sugar and bath products would cause his eczema to flare up and his diet constantly had to be checked and controlled. We would take holidays to Cape Town and my parents would force him to go swim in the ocean, because the salty water and clean air would help control his eczema. A, on the other hand gets little flare ups of eczema behind his knees and in the folds of his arms usually during summer (when he sweats) and during winter months. Dry skin conditions such as eczema leave your skin severely dry and sensitive. Unfortunately, these conditions tend to flare up or worsen during winter months, and since winter is slowly creeping up on us, we have to start taking action early on. You know “prevention is better than cure”, and SBR is and always have been our go-to skin care product for dry and sensitive skin. My mom started using the SBR Lipocream after it was recommended by her doctor years ago and it’s been an essential in all of our homes ever since.

So why SBR, you may ask… Let’s start with the WHAT.

What is the SBR Lipocream?

The SBR Lipocream has been specially developed and proven to restore and maintain the skin barrier function. SBR actually stand for: Skin, Barrier, Repair. The main objective of treatment for dry skin are to 1. Rehydrate the skin and 2. Restore the barrier function. This can be achieved by using emollients. Emollients are just a fancy word for moisturizers that are made up of a mixture of oil and water in a variety of proportions, with a wide variety of additional ingredients which aid hydration, contribute to skin barrier repair and act as preservatives. Emollients help keep the skin moist and supple by reducing water loss from the epidermis by providing a PROTECTIVE FILM on the skin. SBR Lipocream is such an emollient. The SBR cream is a specifically formulated cream for chronically dry skin since it restores, replaces and repairs compromised and damaged skin. It has both a rapid and lasting effect because it adds fatty substances to the skin and it helps to protect the barrier skin function.

So, if you don’t completely understand what I just said that’s okay! In short the SBR cream goes deeper than just the upper skin and fixes what was wrong from the inside out instead of just acting as a “plaster” and covering the problem.

Now we can get to the WHY:

Why we love the SBR Lipocream:

  1. It is safe for the ENTIRE family – young or old. The SBR cream is tough enough for big, strong grandpa, yet gentle enough to be used on babies and toddlers.
  2. It does not contain any colorants or perfumes which makes it safe to use on any and all skin types.
  3. It moisturizes and prevents dry skin when used consistently.
  4. It not only moisturizes but also soothes itching and makes the skin feel more comfortable, especially during the dry winter months.
  5. It helps keep the skin moist and flexible, which helps to prevent painful cracks.
  6. It can be used on a regular and on-going basis.
  7. It was formulated by dermatologists, so we know that it is safe.
  8. It is a multi-purpose product – My mom can use it for her dry skin caused by her eczema, I can use it for my dry skin and A can use it for his sensitive skin. It can also be used for your face, lips, body and feet – If there’s a dry skin problem, SBR can fix it.
  9. We love that a little goes a very long way. You only need a tiny amount for it to be effective, which also makes it very cost-effective.
  10. It is small enough to pop into a nappy bag, or even your handbag which means you can easily carry it around with you and have it nearby wherever and whenever.

This all sounds to good to be true, right? Well… the proof is in the pudding. I have been using the SBR cream on everyone in my household over the last couple of weeks on different kinds of dry skin problems and took some before and after photos. So let’s look at a few of them:

  1. Dry Skin caused by eczema

As mentioned above my mom has been struggling with severe eczema her whole life. Here is a before and after photo of her hands. 

2. Dry skin caused by sanitizers

My son’s hands gets extremely dry because of the hand sanitizers being used at school, etc. so we HAD to try it on him. This was taken Saturday evening and again Sunday afternoon.

3. Dry skin caused by winter conditions

My dry skin worsens during the winter months especially on my hands and lips.

5. A’s eczema/sensitive skin

The photos I am posting as before here is how A’s skin used to look after a flare up. The after photo is how his skin looks now. We start applying the SBR cream on him as soon as we see the slightest sign of a flare up and he hasn’t had any flare ups like in the before pic ever since.  

In Conclusion:

SBR has been our self-defense against our dry skin problems for as long as I can remember, and this is one product that I can truly vouch for. It works and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who suffers from dry, sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. Make your skin happy this winter with the SBR Lipocream, you can’t go wrong! I can confidently challenge you and tell you to try it and see for yourself. 

Where to purchase:

You can purchase your SBR Lipocream from any Clicks or Dischem store.


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