On The Go snacks for On The Go people

On The Go snacks for On The Go people

This is me in all my Glory for 99% of the week – the mom, the teacher, the “paklorrie” as we would say in Afrikaans. My days are often a rush, with little to no time to spare. I always have something to do, somewhere to be and I do have to admit that this created some really bad habits for me, one of them being skipping meals. I just don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch. Lucky for me I was introduced to On the Go snacks, the perfect snack for On the Go moms like myself. But, before I say more, let me introduce you to the brand.

Who or What is On The Go Snacks?

On The Go was born of RTE Snacks, a company that launched in 2009 and that has over 30 years of experience in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) business. They are dedicated to bringing us delicious, nutritious and convenient snacks for every occasion. On The Go has been creating unique combinations of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and delectable added ingredients – with our busy lifestyles in mind. They believe in healthy, ready-to-eat food that tastes great. You can expect to find delicious extras like chocolate drops and cherries to bring traditional favourites like raw nuts and dried fruits to life. They have something for everyone with ranges such as edamame fusions, daybreak, trail mixes, salad days, daily fix granola, and one of my favourites – the little fruits range. 

What we love about On The Go Snacks:

1. It is Healthy

The snacks are not only yummy and nutritious, but they are also healthy. The edamame fusion packs are preservative free, low in Sodium, Gluten free and cholesterol free. The daybreak trial mix is not only a source of fiber, but also low in sodium, naturally cholesterol free and high in energy, which is perfect for that midday boost that I so often need. The little fruits are by far one of my favorites and they are made out of 98% real fruit, and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and yet they are so so yummy! On The Go guarantees guilt-free snacking, whilst helping me get through the day in a yummy and healthy way.

2. It is Convenient

The snacks are little boosters in a packet! They are perfectly packaged to just open and enjoy. I love that they are the perfect size to throw in a gymbag, my teacherbag, a handbag, or a school backpack or lunchbox. Heck, they even fit comfortably into a desk drawer, so it’s so easy to always have one on hand. The little fruits fit easily into a pocket if you really just have to grab-and-go, which is awesome for me, because I have lost count of the amount of times that I’ve forgotten to pack my little snackmachine snacks, and I just run to grab some from the kitchen. I also love that the larger packs (not the little fruits ones) are resealable!

3. It is yummy

I feel like I have to start with this: As someone that does not really like nuts, and are allergic to seeds this was entirely out of my comfort zone. I have never even heard of nor seen edamame beans before I was introduced to On The Go snacks, and I were a bit reluctant to try them. The taste of the edamame beans was definitely different, but once I got familiar with it, I actually quite enjoyed them. I am a huge tropical fruits and berries fan, so I loved the blast that the infused cranberries and strawberries gave in the berries fusion packet. Overall, I really enjoyed the taste of their products, and I loved the infusions of fruit combinations that they used. A was also sent the little fruits snacks to try and let me tell you, I’ll even buy those for me! They are so yummy! A could not get enough of them, and for once I didn’t mind, because lucky for both of us they are healthy too!

4. It has something for everyone

With ranges like Daily Fix granola, Daybreak Trail Mixes, Edamame fusions, Salad Days Sprinkles and the Little Fruits range, I can almost guarantee there is something special for everyone’s snacking needs!

5. The Snackbox Option

I love that you can build your own snackbox by just using the snackbox option. You can customize your own snackbox by adding the snacks that you love most, and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Not only do you save this way, but you can even score some free snacks of your choice!

On The Go Snacks definitely made life a little easier, and a bit more convenient for me. The fun thing about it is that it’s so much more than just a snack. You can add some to a smoothie, or to your yoghurt to make for a delicious lunch, packed with nutrients and health benefits, reseal and then store for a snack later on in the day or week. It’s different, it’s unique and it packs a punch, which was awesome! I’d definitely give it a thumbs up and I know A would too!

You can get your On The Go Snacks here:

  1. https://www.weronthego.co.za/shop/ or at selected Food lovers, Spar, Dischem and Clicks retail stores.


~Love A & Mommy~

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