Top 10 Teacher Gifts

Top 10 Teacher Gifts From a Teacher's Point Of View

We are almost at the end of 2022 (can you believe it?!) and if you’re anything like me you are already planning year end and Christmas gifts. I love spoiling A’s teachers and do so at every opportunity I could get. I know how much work teachers put into each and every child. I can see it in the way my child grows, develops and flourishes right in-front of my face. I can hear it in all of the stories he tells me, random fun facts he gives me or when he recites a Bible Story before I’ve even read it to him.  I can feel it in the smile he gives because he finally conquered the monkey bars just because he heard his teacher’s voice in the back of his head saying “you can do anything if you just keep trying”. No gift could ever thank them enough, but I can try and show them that I see their efforts, I see their patience and I see their seeds of love and kindness grow within my child. I am also a very picky person when it comes to giving, I want to spoil you with something dear and special to you, something I know you can actually use and find value in, and something that I have put a lot of thought into. Being a teacher myself, I also know that they realllyyyyyy don’t need another cup, but would really appreciate anything that they can fill their cup with. 

So, here’s some of my favorite teacher gifts – from a teacher’s point of view, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg:

1. Stationery – Teachers love stationery and always needs stationery. It is something we use every single day, so you can never go wrong here! You also have so many different options to choose from – red pens, black pens, whiteboard markers, highlighters, sticky notes, notebooks, etc. I love using my creative side and enjoy putting together a little teachers survival kit with cute notes to make it a little more interesting and fun, like “teacher you are stuPENdous” or “paperclips to help you keep it all together”. You can see an example below of one that I have done but Pinterest has so many fun ideas! 

2. A Teacher’s tote/bag – Teachers are always carrying something with them, and bags simply don’t last. In fact, you’ll most likely see some teachers with more than a couple of bags around their shoulders when they leave the school ground. So a personalized teacher’s tote bag is always appreciated. I usually get mine from Love and Sparkles Gifting ( and then I pop in an extra for myself. 

3. Table organizer – Or anything to help organize the table. I’m a type B teacher which means that my class is an organized mess so I take any help I can get – whether it’s just something to put my pens in, or a little box for the nitty gritty stuff. I use Potties Cutting Edge ( for all of my lazercutting needs and they have made some pretty awesome things for myself and A’s teachers!

4. Stickers!! – We love stickers!! I had this cute sticker holder made for A’s teacher that she can just fill up herself and personalized it with the Cricut. I know @justwright makes some incredible personalized teacher stickers as well, so check them out too! 😉

5. The notes to an A+ teacher book – I found these cute little books at Cumbooks for only R50 and they are so cool! It has special little messages to the teachers and space for the child to write special little notes to their teacher. It’s something they can carry with them and hold dear for years to come. Here is the link to the book –

6. Coffee – Coffee is a teacher’s bloodline. Okay maybe this teacher’s, but you know your child’s teacher best! Whether it’s coffee, hot chocolate or a bottle of wine that keeps them going – a drink to help us unwind and relax always do miracles 💙

7. Something sweet (or salty) – I always try to get to know A’s teachers a little so that I know what they prefer. Something always slips during casual conversation and I’m like mmm I have to remember that, and then I try to sneak in their favorite chocolate or treat whenever I can. 

8. Bath bombs – I know with this one you have to be especially careful with regards to allergies, etc. but who doesn’t enjoy a warm, quiet and peaceful bubblebath after a long day at work ? LUSH is definitely our go to here (!

9. Advent calendar – For year end gifts I love the cookie advent calendars, but I saw that Woolworths also has a Chuckles advent calendar that would make a great gift! 

10. Anything thoughtful – I love having casual conversations with A’s teachers, and I always take note of what they say. Maybe they mention a special book they’ve always wanted or a specific treat that just makes their day, or just something that has a special meaning to them that you can add/buy. 

At the end of the day teachers really don’t expect anything from their students and just seeing them thriving and happy make our hearts sing, so sometimes an imperfect card that the child made all by himself is worth more than any gift in the world. It’s the size of the child’s smile that makes our hearts warm and not the size of the gift. 

Lots of Love

~ A & Mommy

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