Reinvent Play With MEXAConstruX HotWheels

Reinvent Play With MEXAConstruX HotWheels

What happens when you smash together 2 of the most popular toys for boys (and girls) – lego and hotwheels? Well, let me tell you, the coolest, very exciting MEXAConstruX HotWheels are born! This toy is so cool and truly was a gamechanger, or should I say play changer in our home! It’s a toy that got me almost as excited as it got A and for good reason too! A has been obsessed with HotWheels ever since I can remember (and secretly me too). Since about a year old, A’s dad used to let him pick a HotWheel EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we went to the shops, and I would make notes on my phone so that we could keep track of what he already has. Ever since then A would get a HotWheel (or two) for every special occasion – Easter, his Birthday, Christmas, etc. We have loved watching the brand evolve and the MEXAConstruX was our greatest surprise yet!

Sounds cool, but what is this MEXAConstruX you are raving about?

Only Mega Construx offers kids the experience of building, crashing and re-building authentically designed HotWheels models. Yes, you read right, it’s buildable HotWheels! But what makes this so awesome is the fact that you can combine the sets to customize and change each of the HotWheels Models. Super race cars can turn into a monster truck and vice versa, custom built engines can change the entire look of your race car and that is only the start of the mix and match fun that HotWheels MEXAConstruX offer! The MEXAConstrux opens a whole new world of play where your child can rev their engines and build their own adventure with Mega Construx and Hot Wheels. They can combine the sets with other HotWheels Models or any Mega Construx building sets for endless customization possibilities.

A was sent the Construction set featuring the authentically rad Rally Cat, Dawgzilla, Night Shifter and Mod Rod, as well as the classic Rodger Dodger racer and HotWheels Racing Monster Truck. Each of the cars came with its own micro action figure to take the driver’s seat, and turned A’s room into the wildest, craziest race track/battleground. A got to own the road with a fleet of 4 original HotWheels supercars and then het got to burn some rubber and smash the competition with his Tiger Shark Monster Truck! But first he had to combine the included bricks and pieces from the vehicles and build his own custom cars!


The MEXAConstrux HotWheels provides endless hours of car raging, racing and chasing fun! There’s so much to love about this toy, so we thought we would share our top 5 reasons.

A’s Top 5 reasons to love Hotwheels MEXAConstrux:

1.It’s lego + Hotwheels all in one! Need I say more?

A is very much in the lego and cars stage now, just like many other 4 -9 year olds that I know, so this fell right into his interests. What’s more fun than having your 2 favourite toys all in one!

2. The customization possibilities are endless.

Even if you have only one of the sets. The Tiger Shark Monster Truck starts as a super cool race car and then transforms into this incredible, big monster truck and this is just one set. A can also change the pieces up to customize his own car. This ensures that the sets stay exciting and fun, and boredom is a thing of the past. The more sets you have the better offcourse! The construction set was our ultimate favourite as it came with 4 super cool race cars and the mitch and match possibilities are endless. You even get to change up the cars with custom built engines!

3. Race Track boxes

This was such a fun surprise! The boxes actually transform into mini racetracks, which is amazing! They were made to simply fold in and be transformed! A absolutely loved this because he actually had a 3D track/ramp now rather than just a racing mat or the dirt outside. It’s not enough to be an entire track on it’s own but it adds some excitement to his play, since he can take the boxes outside and turn a rough piece of dirt into a fun, rough race track with ramps and all.

4. The mini figurines

Offcourse these were a hit with A! He loves collecting these mini figurines, so when he saw that each car came with it’s own little racer, he shouted with excitement! He has spent hours fantasy playing with these little figurines, and the action is surreal. He even knows each and every one’s name and which car belongs to who. 

5. Hours of endless fun

The fun never stops. There’s always something to do – if you aren’t building, you are transforming, if you aren’t transforming, you are racing or building new tracks. The limit is your imagination! 

Moms top 5 reasons to love Hotwheels MEXAConstrux


I just loved watching all of the different lego blocks transform into these super cool, trendy race cars! It has this surprise factor to it and I think I loved this more than A. A enjoyed the building to a point, but he was much more excited to start playing. I, however enjoyed the process.

2. It’s a bonding experience

A loves building lego, but he is still a bit too small to build the entire car by himself. It was such a lovely bonding experience for me to build these cars together. He helped me find the pieces and then helped me put the cars together with a little guidance and motivation from me. We loved that the one set included 4 different cars, so I built some with him and then he asked if his “opa” (grandpa) could help him with the others. I loved watching them build together and enjoyed listening to them talk about the cars, car parts, etc.

3. Great Gift/Reward idea

That’s one big thing that I love about sets. They can be added on to, and all the bits and pieces can be used together, expanding the opportunities of play. The more sets they have, the more they can customize, change and create, so these will make for an excellent Birthday/Christmas gift! I also love that the Construction set comes with 4 different cars all packaged separately, with their own little manuals. I used these as little rewards for A, since building one car at a time was more than enough for him (he is 4 and can only focus for so long).  So whenever he did his chores, or worked hard on something he got one car and we would spend the afternoon building and playing together.

4. Quality

If you are familiar with the brands Hotwheels and MEGA Bloks you would already know that their quality is of the best in the toy industry. We have had no problems with the quality of these brands, and if you’ve ever met my child, you would know this counts for something. They are made to last, and have passed the A-test numerous times. The MEXAConstrux sets are no different.

5. Re-usable boxes

This was another added bonus for me. I loved that the boxes could be re-purposed and used again. A really enjoys racing, crashing and flying over the box ramps and I loved that I didn’t just have to throw the boxes in the trash. It was also very easy to convert it and was such a fun surprise for A.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the new MEXAConstruX Hotwheels, and it definitely gets a THUMBS UP from both A and myself. Now, all that’s left to do is to get your set and join A as he builds, races, stunts, crashes, and so much more!

Check out A’s YouTube Channel to join in on the play fun! 

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