Arts and Crafts with Doodle Tots

Arts and Crafts with Doodle Tots Let’s talk arts and crafts – A loves it, I hate it. Okay, actually I have a love-hate relationship with arts and crafts. I know how important it is for child development, especially for children between the ages of 3 and 8, and I have weekly arts and crafts classes with my Grade 2 class. I hate it, because I suck at it. As

6 Fun Ways To Encourage Learning With The Play Doh Shape and Learn Numbers and Counting kit

6 Fun Ways To Encourage Learning With The Play Doh Shape and Learn Numbers and Counting kit As a foundation phase teacher, I know how important playing with Play Doh is when it comes to the development of some crucial skills such as their fine motor, sensory motor, language and socialization skills. You can just imagine my excitement when one of Play Doh’s shape and learn kits arrived at our

The Jellyfish Jiggle Book Review

The Jellyfish Jiggle Book Review As a mom and teacher who knows and understands the importance of reading, I am always on the hunt for fun and educational books to add to A’s book collection. Recently we were introduced to “The jellyfish Jiggle, by Kayla Diamond” and we could just not get enough! The jellyfish Jiggle is a colorful and fun little book that is not only packed with cute

24 Fun Christmas Themed Activities to do over the December Holidays 2020

24 Fun Christmas Themed Activities to do over the December Holidays 2020 Can you believe that we are already here? This year has been one of a kind and taught us to really treasure the little things in life. I know that this year has been a challenging one for most, and I have seen way too many moms saying that the year took away that festive feeling for them.

Alexander Constructor Toys

Alexander Constructor Toys Christmas is around the corner and I have seen so many posts with questions such as “what are you buying your children” or “mommies I need toy ideas” going around on social media. Usually, by this time of the year, I have my Christmas shopping sorted. I’m a planner, I plan ahead, but let’s face it, this year is not your normal, average year. So, I’m going

Mother of a Wild Child

Mother Of A Wild Child “Give me the wild children with their bare feet and sparkling eyes. The restless, churning climbers. The wild ones using their outside voices, singing all the way home. Give me the wonder-filled, glorious mess-makers, dreaming of mountains and mud, aching to run through a field of stars” – Nicolette Sonder Isn’t that quote just beautiful? As I typed it out a calm came over me,

Rummikub Turns 70!

Rummikub Turns 70! Can you believe that this much-loved strategy game has been entertaining families for over 70 years this year?! Rummikub has such a special place in my heart – I still remember coming home from school just to join my grandpa and grandma at their dining room table for a game of rummikub or two! I could never get enough and always tried to outwit them with my

A Peek At Peek A Blocks

A Peek At Peek A Blocks Peek A Blocks is a new construction type toy from Fisher Price and Mega Blocks. They are colorful and fun and hold more than just a few little surprises. With this toy A got to launch into an amazing 3-story Amusement park with his fun and exciting doggy and kitty chase. The toy is an all-new and super fun design for action-reaction play and

Play Sense Virtual Play Group

Play Sense Virtual Play Group When we were asked to partake in a week trial for Play Sense’s new virtual playgroup I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. Aryan is a busy body and an outdoors child. I kept thinking to myself “I can’t even get him to sit still and watch a video, how was I supposed to keep him focused on a screen for 30 minutes”?

The Importance And Benefits Of Extended Breastfeeding

The Importance and Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding 2 Weeks ago my baby boy turned 3, but that was not our only milestone. In fact, we hit another great milestone together that day, because 2 weeks ago also marked 3 years of breastfeeding for us. Those who have followed us from the start will know that our breastfeeding journey has not been an easy one, in fact I feel that one