Rummikub Turns 70!

Rummikub Turns 70! Can you believe that this much-loved strategy game has been entertaining families for over 70 years this year?! Rummikub has such a special place in my heart – I still remember coming home from school just to join my grandpa and grandma at their dining room table for a game of rummikub or two! I could never get enough and always tried to outwit them with my

A Peek At Peek A Blocks

A Peek At Peek A Blocks Peek A Blocks is a new construction type toy from Fisher Price and Mega Blocks. They are colorful and fun and hold more than just a few little surprises. With this toy A got to launch into an amazing 3-story Amusement park with his fun and exciting doggy and kitty chase. The toy is an all-new and super fun design for action-reaction play and

Play Sense Virtual Play Group

Play Sense Virtual Play Group When we were asked to partake in a week trial for Play Sense’s new virtual playgroup I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. Aryan is a busy body and an outdoors child. I kept thinking to myself “I can’t even get him to sit still and watch a video, how was I supposed to keep him focused on a screen for 30 minutes”?

The Importance And Benefits Of Extended Breastfeeding

The Importance and Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding 2 Weeks ago my baby boy turned 3, but that was not our only milestone. In fact, we hit another great milestone together that day, because 2 weeks ago also marked 3 years of breastfeeding for us. Those who have followed us from the start will know that our breastfeeding journey has not been an easy one, in fact I feel that one

A Letter To My Three Year Old

A Letter To My Three Year Old My sweet, sweet boy. Another year has passed and I’m pretty sure this one flew by even faster than the last. I look back to last year and a lot of you are still the same, but then there’s so much that have changed as well. Mommy always says – same same, but different. You are still the same sweet, kind and loving

Nova Pioneer bridging the remote learning gap

Nova Pioneer Bridging The Remote Learning Gap The Covid-19 Pandemic took the world by storm and none of us were prepared for what was yet to come. So many people have suffered the consequences of the nationwide shutdown imposed in South Africa on the 26thof March 2020, and in some industries irreversible damage was caused. I believe as a country we have all been facing new and difficult challenges in

9 Simple Ways to Have a CHRIST – Centred Easter Without Losing Out On Any Fun

9 Simple Ways to Have a CHRIST – Centred Easter Without Losing Out On Any Fun I do believe that this is a topic that a lot of Christian parents struggle with. How do we allow our kids to still have fun and make the special memories we made as kids, while still teaching them the true meaning of what we are actually celebrating? It is so easy for the

11 Tips To Help You Stay Sane During The Lockdown​

11 Tips To Help You Stay Sane During The Lockdown The covid-19 virus took us all by storm and there’s no doubt that it has had a huge impact not only on our individual lives, but our kids’ lives and our country’s economy as well. There is chaos all around us as working moms suddenly have to adapt their lives to work at home, small businesses try come up with

Pottytraining 101ish

Pottytraining 101ish Oh, the forbidden P-word – Potty-training! Just like any other motherhood topic this topic falls into the Caution, be careful what you say group. Every mommy has their own unique “techniques” and their own opinions – some are for reward charts, others are against it, some are for training as soon as possible and others say it’s okay to take your time, some mommies start at as young

A Toddler’s Christmas Wishlist 2019

A Toddler’s Christmas Wishlist 2019 We are finally here – summer holiday has kicked in strong and the Christmas cheer can be heard, seen and even smelt everywhere we go. Christmas truly is a magical time of the year, it really doesn’t matter how hard, exhausting or draining a year have been, Christmas gives us that extra push to get through it, it gives us that little bit of hope