Khula Kosblik – The Answer To Every Mom’s Lunchbox Dilemma

Khula Kosblik - The Answer To Every Mom's Lunchbox Dilemma

A healthy outside starts from the inside… – Robert Urich

I don’t know about anyone else’s kids, but A is like a crazy, monstrous snack machine! No need to ask him if he’s hungry, because he is ALWAYS hungry! A does not stop eating… ever! If he doesn’t want to eat you know that he is not feeling well at all, because he needs snacks about as much as we need water and oxygen. In fact, he is called “chippie” by family members, since they always see him munching away. I don’t mind him having a healthy appetite at all, but his appetite is only healthy when it’s given healthy foods and nutrients to satisfy it, and that is where my challenge comes in. See, A only goes to school half day which means that I can rest assured that he is getting a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and snacks up until 13:00, but then he comes to work with me… He gets a full lunchbox when we arrive at my workplace, another snack when we get home and very often, he will finish his supper and ask for something else on top of that. As a single, working mom I have never really given much attention to the lunchboxes that I packed him, since it was usually packed in a rush before bedtime. His lunchboxes used to consist of a yoghurt, a packet of chips/cookies and a few extra sweet treats. Deep down inside I knew that this was not healthy, but in all honesty, I have tried buying the healthier alternatives and ended up spending thousands on snacks that he just refused to eat, and that just wasn’t an option anymore. Buying the things he loved was 1. Cheaper and 2. Easier and more convenient, but it definitely wasn’t beneficial for either of us. So, when Khula kosblik approached us to taste test one of their snack boxes I was super excited (and a little nervous, because A can be such a fussy eater) because I knew that it might be the answer that I’ve been looking for with regards to A’s constant snacking and bad eating habits.


I was raised in a home that was extremely health conscious. We were professional judokas and diet formed an integral part of our lifestyle. I always said that I will raise my children the same way, but life gets busy and sometimes it’s take and go, and we struggle to find that balance in our lives. I was shocked to find out that one out of eight children in SA are living with obesity. But obesity is not the only thing caused by bad eating habits. Bad eating habits have a direct negative impact on our children’s physical and mental development, how they focus and concentrate in class, their energy levels, their immune systems and so so much more. Now, more than ever, I need A to stay healthy, and Khula Kosblik helped me on this journey. 

Who is Khula Kosblik?

Khula Kosblik is a small, local company that provides nutritionally balanced, kiddo-approved lunch and snack boxes. Khula Kosblik is a prepacked snack box with a month’s worth of wholesome, balanced snack options. Each box contains 20 days’ worth of nutritionally balanced ‘snack packs’ – totaling to 80+ items per box! Each day’s SnackPack includes wholesome food items that are rich in some of the vital nutrients our growing kiddos need! Every snack in the box has been carefully selected by their registered dietician, Megan Manley from Vocal nutrition and approved by the kids and teachers from the Khula Learning Center. Some of the foods that you can expect in the box include:

– Dried fruit options from Cecilia’s Farm🍑🥭🫐

– Peanut butter sachets from YUM YUM 🥜 

– Lean Biltong 🥓

– Popcorn from Just Popcorn🍿 

– Home-baked cookies, crackers & granola bars  

– Milk boxes from First Choice 

– Cheesies 🧀

– Chocolate chickpea ‘Whispers’ from Cheaky Co HK and more!

To make our lives even easier each box also includes some nutritional guidelines and nifty lunchbox tips compiled by their Registered Dietitian and snack time hero, Megan-Victoria Manley, to ensure our little ones receive the optimal nutrients they need, every day!

What makes Khula Kosblik different from other snack boxes?

  1. Khula Kosblik is nutrient dense, which means that the box consists of essential nutrients that supports the growth and the development of our children, such as Carbohydrates, Proteins, Unsaturated fats, Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals.
  2. They choose brands that are minimally processed and low in food additives. They even include items developed from their own recipes!
  3. Most of the snacks that you’ll receive are Low GI, which means that they will help keep our children’s blood sugar levels balanced. This could provide them with more energy, stamina and improved concentration levels.

This all sounds too good to be true, so it had to Ace the A-test first!

Disclaimer: A is not a super picky eater, but definitely has his preferences, especially when it comes to snacks. Each person and child are different, and our likes and dislikes differ as well. This review is based on A and what he likes and dislikes alone!

So, what A liked:

  1. Earth and Co SOS Pop out Puzzles – These are at the top of the list for a reason! A LOVED these and couldn’t get enough of them. They became a firm favorite real fast and A preferred them over any of the other sweet treats that I used to offer. They are not only fun, and yummy, but they are also healthy and educational. So cool!
  2. First Choice Milki’s – came in at a close second. A called them his “milkshakes” but definitely preferred the flavored ones over the normal full cream milk bottle. He, however, enjoyed all of them and I love that they are a healthier alternative to the juice bottles that I used to pack.
  3. The mini cheese packets – These are adorable and A loves cheese in general, so naturally this was a hit! A would eat cheese with everything if he was given the opportunity. He loved that they were packaged just for him and that they were the perfect snack size so just enough to satisfy him, and not go to waste.
  4. YUM YUM Peanut butter sachets – A loves these just because they are peanut butter. I used to buy them by the boxes at a time, but I have noticed that he gets bored/tired of them very easily. Luckily the box only came with 2 or 3 sachets which was perfect as I could pack 1 a week, and that was more than enough for him.
  5. Lean biltong – A enjoyed the biltong and it was a nice, healthy lunchbox treat.
  6. Chocolate chick pea whispers – This took some getting used to, but A grew to love them.
  7. Chocolate chip cookies – Once again it took some getting used to, but A enjoyed them once he was more familiar with the taste.

What he didn’t like

  1. Granola bars – A is not familiar with granola bars and he refused to even try them (sad face).
  2. Peanuts and raisins – A were convinced that peanuts are parrot food and since he is not a parrot he didn’t want anything to do with it. He did eventually nibble on them from time to time, but it definitely wasn’t a favorite.

Since mommy is the one who is in charge of packing his lunchbox, and buying the snacks I wanted to share what I liked about Khula Kosblik as well:

  1. I loved that everything in the box was healthy, nutritional, and well-balanced, taking that weight off my shoulders, and encouraging me too to be more conscious about what I allow A to snack on.
  2. I also loved how everything was already packaged in the perfect little snack size, which made it super simple and easy to pack his lunchbox for after school. Instead of having to open multiple packets of snacks and then dividing it up for the week, I could just grab whatever I needed from the box and pack it in. This not only helped me save on things going to waste, but also helped me save time as it was effortless.
  3. I loved that there were such a variety of products to choose from. This made packing his lunchbox fun and exciting for me since I could pick and choose what I wanted to include for the next day, and A also couldn’t wait to check what he got the next day! It brought a little fun and excitement to both of our days.
  4. I loved how the box included everything I needed for the next month. Although I love shopping, I hate grocery shopping, especially with Covid and all. Thanks to Khula kosblik I no longer have to go into the shops to try and find some snacks that I could fill his lunchbox with, but I also saved on time and money. I no longer bought a gazillion things that A won’t eat, and I didn’t spend thousands on unhealthy snacks and sweets.
  5. I love how simple, easy and convenient it is. Ordering a box is super simple and they are delivered straight to your doorstep! What more do you need?
  6. It is affordable! I really expected these boxes to be super expensive. I mean I took into account what I usually spend on snacks a month, as well as the time it takes me to go to the shops, and then courier costs, let alone the fact that these boxes are compiled by a registered dietician and I was almost to scared to ask what the prices of the boxes are. I was pleasantly surprised though! These boxes cut my monthly  snack expenses in half! I don’t know how they do it, but it’s definetly value for money and well worth it!
  7. I love that each box comes with a “Khula Kosblik” Snack Pack Menu. This menu shows you exactly how you can pack your toddler’s lunchbox for each day of the week, and how to use the different snacks in the box. It is laid out for every day of the week for an entire month! It even shows you what you can add to the lunchbox yourself for that day to ensure that the lunchbox stays healthy and balanced! This is an incredible tool to have, especially when you need to pack proper lunchboxes for school.
  8. Quality Snacks – I love how they are so specific about the snacks that they place in the box. They don’t just throw “cheap” easy snacks into the box, but you can see that they actually consider everything when choosing the snacks. I mean, they even make their own cookies, crackers and granola bars!

Khula Kosblik showed me that packing nutritional, balanced and healthy lunchboxes for A is easier than it seems. It does not have to be a daunting and scary task. It also taught me how to find healthier alternatives for the snacks that I usually bought for him, for example a flavored Milk instead of a sugary drink, a healthy home baked cookie instead of a packet of oreos and a chocolate bar, and fresh fruit instead of a packet of crisp chips. Sure, A did protest a bit for the first week, because let’s face it bad habits take time to beat, but once he realized that the new lunchboxes are fun, yummy and exciting he embraced the change and so did I. I’m not going to act like I’m suddenly the perfect mom though, I still include a treat in his lunchbox every now and then, because let’s face it, we too enjoy a little spoil every once in a while, but I am proud of how far we have come. I can 100% recommend Khula Kosblik as both a parent and a teacher! Khula Kosblik was my answer to our lunchbox dilemma and it gets a THUMBS UP from us!

If you would like to join the Khula Family this is how you do it:

  1. Choose your box (3-5 years or 6-12 years)
  2. Email your order, name and address to
  3. Wait for your invoice
  4. Make payment and send POP to them
  5. And your order will be dispatched by the 3rd of each month
  6. Easy Peasy!

Follow Khula Kosblik on Instagram for some fun and educational tips and tricks.

~Love A and Mommy~

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