Introducing Learn With Oxford

Introducing Learn With Oxford

Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn – O. Fred Donaldson

One of the greatest challenges of being a teacher is to ensure that we make learning fun, because a good teacher knows that when learning becomes fun, it also becomes more effective. Did you know that fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what we learn and how much of it we retain? The thing about learning is that it’s not a once-off event… in contrast, learning requires repetition and dedication and in order to do that we need the learners to stay curious, we need them to engage, to be willing to take risks and to be excited to learn more. We need them to have FUN!

Now, you might be wondering how you can do just that, and although there are many ways, today I just want to introduce you to a fun tool that can help you with just that. Whether you are a parent, teacher, tutor or even homeschooling parent – this tool is for YOU and can be used anywhere or anytime!

Introducing Learn With Oxford

Learn with Oxford is a subscription service (yes, I know, but please continue reading, I promise it’s worth it) that gives you access to an interactive library, worksheets and games, interactive multimedia lessons, practice questions, a multimedia atlas, study guides and so much more for as little as R5 per day, R20 per week or R49 per month! The resources are specifically developed for South African schools and can be used in line with the CAPS curriculum and there’s something for everyone, starting from GrR to Gr12. The library is packed with interactive lessons covering the most difficult concepts in key subjects – Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Accounting, Geography, English and Mathematical Literacy for Grades 10-12. The lessons also contain videos, audio content and activities with instant feedback. That’s not all.. for Grades R-3 the library includes English and Afrikaans readers, worksheets and games and for Grades 4-6 there is a range of interactive Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology content. Above all of this, the library also includes tons of ebooks such as grammar guides in Afrikaans, English, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa and literature study guides!  It really is an all-in-one tool that won’t only help your child succeed at school, but also makes learning fun through using the resources that kids are most interested in – games, tech and interaction.

So, how does it work?

It’s super simple! First things first, YOU WILL NEED AN MTN CELLPHONE NUMBER. So go get that done, quick!

Okay, Ready? Now tap this link . Click on “Start today” and choose the subscription that works best for you. Enter your cellphone number to subscribe. Welcome to the Oxford family!

To Sign in you can tap on and sign into your account using the cellphone number linked to your subscription.  You will receive an OTP via SMS. Enter the OTP pin and continue to browse the content library. You can select your Grade, and subject from the dropdown menu to filter the library.

Easy Peasy Pie.

What we love about Learn with Oxford

I mean what’s not to love? But on a more serious note, here’s 5 things we love about Learn With Oxford:

1.Accessible on most devices

You can access the Library from your Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop! Now there’s a reason for some extra screen time during the day.

2. Affordable

Unlike many other resources, the Learn with Oxford programme is extremely affordable and I love that it caters for everyone’s needs. From as little as R5 you can get tons of resources at your fingertips, maybe you just need to do a little extra exam prep – well you can subscribe for only that week or maybe you need a little more guidance and practice so you can subscribe for a whole month at only R49. It really is so so worth it!

3. No need for data

This is probably one of my favorite things about this tool – YOU DON’T NEED DATA OR WIFI TO READ THE CONTENT ONLINE! Phew! Bonus points right here! This makes it easy to access information anywhere at any time, you can even get in a little extra studying in the car on your way to your holiday destination. Wink,wink.

4. It’s user friendly

The library is so simple and easy to use – it really is made for everyone.

5. It is fun!

It makes learning and even homework fun! Where else can you get interactive videos, games, and fun worksheets specifically designed for your grade and school all in one place?

There’s so much more I can say about this amazing tool (and I will), but for now I’ll stop here. Why not try it yourself and come tell me what your experience is?

To read more about the service just tap on this link ——-

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Lots of Love

~ A & Mommy ~

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