WWE Mania Is Back In Full Swing

WWE Mania is back in FULL SWING

 And we’re all for it!

If you ask me a question about WWE, my answer would probably revert back to Ronda Rousey as that is about how far my knowledge pertaining WWE stretches, but A is trying to teach his clueless mama (slowly but surely). See, I never really understood the craze behind WWE and didn’t really get into it until Ronda Rousey entered the scene purely because we had something in common. Ronda Rousey has a big name in Judo and as a former professional Judoka I have always looked up to her, so I got extremely excited the day I could finally join in on A’s WWE Excitement, because A is a full blown WWE superfan. In a previous post I wrote about how WWE was a huge bonding tool between A, his dad and siblings and how I would walk into a full on wrestling arena as they threw each other across the bed with WWE blurring in the background (You can tap on the link to read about how A’s WWE Journey started: https://letterstomywildling.com/2021/05/30/blowout-action-with-wwe-superstars/ ). WWE formed a huge part of A’s little life and the memories he made, even as a little baby and toddler, has stuck with him.  A lives himself into each and every moment and you can see his excitement build and rise with each of his favorites moves, but I will never forget A’s face the very first time he saw Undertaker’s tombstone piledriver – it was a wave of different emotions from shock to disbelief to horror and then finally excitement. I still hear his little voice “What? No… This can’t be… how? WOW! Mommy did you see that!!! How can someone be that strong? WOOAAAWWW!” And ever since then A has been obsessed. A can successfully name his favorite WWE Wrestlers and their finishing or signature moves and will also throw around (pun intended) terms like “Royal Rumble” and “Elimination Chamber” as if it’s just terms that form part of any other 5 year old’s vocabulary.

So, to celebrate WWE Mania, I decided to ask A some very serious WWE questions:

  1. How long have you been a WWE fan?

“Mommy” (rolls his eyes). “Ever since I was born, like when I was a baby!”

  1. Why do you like WWE so much?

“The muscles! Those wrestlers are SO strong! Oh and the moves… those wrestlers have the coolest moves!”

  1. Who is your favorite Wrestler?

“Big E – He’s the strongest! And offcourse the Rock and John Cena”

  1. What is your favorite move?

“Ah mommy I have many. I like Undertaker’s tombstone, I also like Big E’s move because he is super strong and I kinda also like Sasha Bank’s frog splash because it sounds funny but it’s dangerous!”

  1. What would your WWE Wrestling Name be?

“ShanShi” (I didn’t ask questions)

  1. What would your signature or finishing move be?

“The sledgehammer – I’ll pick them up and throw them all across the ring”

So…there you have it, out of the mouth of a 5 year old WWE Fan.

Now we want to hear FROM YOU! We want to know what is YOUR most iconic WWE moment ? Comment down below so that we can look it up and enjoy it with you.

PS – How cool are these WWE Wrestlemania Basic Figures?

A got to recreate some of his favorite WWE moments with Edge, Sasha Banks and Big E, each in “Superstar Scale” of the wrestler’s height to make it a little more real. He can pose them in a menacing stance, pair them to battle or even create total mayhem by adding them all into his make belief ring.

You can join him and grab yours here: https://toykingdom.co.za/product/wwe-wrestlemania-basic-figures-asst/

Lots of Love

~ A and Mommy ~

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