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“ I live in a world of fantasy, so keep your reality away from me. I see what I want, I want what I see and that is all okay by me.”

Angelic Ice Photography belongs to Tanisha – a photographer based in the East Rand, Johannesburg, who specialises in natural light, maternity, newborn , pets, kids and family portraiture – sounds pretty average doesn’t it? BUT she’s not just your average photographer, no, far from it. 

Tanisha is also known as the photographer who makes kids (and secretly parents and adults’) wishes and dreams come true through the fantasy, fairy tale and superhero sessions she creates. She believes photography is a form of art and can see things that you could never imagine of seeing. A simple park becomes her canvas and she can turn anything into something majestic and wonderful.

I am always on the lookout for  unique experiences and memory making opportunities, something that can take you out of this world and into a different reality, even for but a moment. I have been looking for something unique and memorable for Aryan’s 2nd birthday, something that could display his innocent, wild side and that little 2 year old imagination that I get to experience with him every day. All I knew was that it had to be out of this world, different and that it had to involve the wildlife – especially lions. Aryan has been obsessed with lions and the wildlife ever since he could make little animal sounds and it has not changed one bit. I knew that this would be the theme of his 2nd birthday and that I would like to incorporate this into the design of his big boy room that I will be starting with within the next year, so there was a lot hanging on whatever I chose.

Then I came across Angelic Ice photography on Facebook and she just blew my mind with her superhero sessions. This was it! I had a vision, a rough sketch in my mind and within minutes of talking to Tanisha she assured me that she could make it happen. I thought “really?”. I have high expectations for this and as a self-proclaimed perfectionist I knew that it would be very hard to meet those expectations. I knew what she could do, I’ve seen it all over facebook buuuttt my theme wasn’t exactly superheroes and my child not an easy going 8 year old.

The day of the shoot was a mess. We already had to re-schedule once because of the weather (Oh how the weather prediction failed us that weekend) and the morning of the shoot was cold, wet and windy. Aryan’s mood was pretty much in line with the weather and just getting him out of my arms were a mission on its own (there was a lot of bribing going on that day). I started to panic and my heart was just shattered – so much were hanging on this shoot. By the end of a very difficult morning Tanisha assured me that she got what she needed, but all I could see was a boy running around with a lollipop and lunchbox in his hands, delegating the shoot from his almost 2 year old viewpoint. I prepared myself for the worst.

And then that preview came and it was breath-taking! How? WOW!? She did it! She took my rough sketch of a vision and turned it into a beautiful, colorful piece of art and my mind was blown. It was magical, and she definitely exceeded every bit of my expectation.

I have never experienced such customer service in my life and I have dealt with my fair share of great, and awesome photographers whom I love. From the get-go Tanisha was on it – she understood me, she understood my vision and she made it work. She stood the test of patience dealing with my very busy, stubborn, strong-willed almost 2 year old and kept calm while mama was panicking. She went above and beyond. We received our photos within 3 days of the shoot – which is AMAZING for any photographer and she created the most beautiful, personalized hardcover storybook for Aryan to keep as a keepsake – and which, I know, he will treasure and love forever (I know this purely because it’s the only thing we have read for the past 2 days and I already know the story of by heart).

This was such a special and unique experience and everything was A-class from beginning to the end. I can’t wait to frame these photos and hang them in his bigboy room as an everyday reminder that you write your own life story – and if you choose to – it can be a magical and extraordinary one. 

Angelic Ice Photography Thank you for taking my wild, little man-cub on a spectacular and unforgettable journey <3 

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