Top 10 Teacher Gifts

Top 10 Teacher Gifts From a Teacher’s Point Of View We are almost at the end of 2022 (can you believe it?!) and if you’re anything like me you are already planning year end and Christmas gifts. I love spoiling A’s teachers and do so at every opportunity I could get. I know how much work teachers put into each and every child. I can see it in the way my

Geo Fun Boards – When Playing is Learning

Geo Fun Boards – When Playing is Learning Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. O Fred Donaldson What a year this has been!? 2021 Definitely has been a year to remember, and for all the not so great reasons. Covid reached an all-time high and hit closer to home than ever before, and “homeschooling” and working from home became our norm. As


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