Introducing Learn With Oxford

Introducing Learn With Oxford Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn – O. Fred Donaldson One of the greatest challenges of being a teacher is to ensure that we make learning fun, because a good teacher knows that when learning becomes fun, it also becomes more effective. Did you know that fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what we learn

How To Celebrate A Christ-Centered Easter – Part 2

How To Celebrate A Christ-Centered Easter Part 2 Our 6 Ways to Ensure Our Traditions Don’t Cloud The Reason Easter has been one of my absolute favorite Christian holidays and it all started thanks to my beautiful childhood. I still vividly remember how my parents used to run around the garden trying to hide the Easter eggs before sending us out to go and search for them. We did this

Introducing The A-Z Joke Books – The Perfect Book For Little Jokers and Future Comedians

Introducing The A-Z Joke Books – The Perfect Books For Little Jokers and Future Comedians A has always been our little joker – he loves being the center of attention, he loves to entertain, but most of all he loves to make people smile and laugh. A is always looking for opportunities to “prank” people just to shout “April fools!” (eventhough we are only in March) and can turn any

Top 10 Teacher Gifts

Top 10 Teacher Gifts From a Teacher’s Point Of View We are almost at the end of 2022 (can you believe it?!) and if you’re anything like me you are already planning year end and Christmas gifts. I love spoiling A’s teachers and do so at every opportunity I could get. I know how much work teachers put into each and every child. I can see it in the way my

Dear Mama… From a Blogger Mama’s Heart

Dear Mama… From a Blogger Mama’s Heart A while ago I saw a post circulating on one of the motherhood FB groups. The post was from a tired mom who asked bloggers/influencer moms in particular how they keep everything so “perfect”. She asked them to share some tips and tricks, and my heart sank right there and then. The comments on that post basically tore bloggers and influencers apart and

Dear Child…Take Your Time

Dear Child…Take Your Time “Don’t compare your child to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.” I love to read, in fact reading was what inspired my writing and it really was what shaped me into who I am today. As a young girl I believed books could fix anything and that all the answers to the world’s most difficult questions


DELIGHTFUL TALES ABOUT DIFFICULT TOPICS Children are generally curious little beings. They love to explore and discover everything, but this nature of curiosity is usually accompanied by many many questions… especially the “but why‘s?“. Very often these questions can be unexpected and difficult to answer, or so I have experienced with A. I still remember the very first time the topic of race came up with A. He was sitting

Our Top 10 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Our Top 10 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas Christmas is around the corner and the countdown has begun. Christmas trees are slowly going up and you can start feeling the Christmas Spirit take over, and it’s just magical! One of our favorite Christmas traditions are the Advent Calendar – the sweet surprise you get to open every single morning as you excitedly count down the days to one of the best

Targetting STEAM Skills With The Amazing Osmo

Targeting STEAM Skills With The Amazing Osmo On the 8th of November we celebrate STEAM Day, and although not everyone may be familiar with the term STEAM, it remains a big topic of conversation in the world today! In short STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics and our children are significantly better off with strong STEAM skills in the world we live in! The world that our

Celebrating International Hair Day With Ellips

Celebrating National Hair Day With Ellips I have always had very long hair, even as a little girl. It has always been my pride, who I am as a person. It made me feel like a princess as a little girl, and when I became a mommy I became a queen to my bonus daughter. All she wanted was to have long hair like me, and that just made it


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