Top 10 Teacher Gifts

Top 10 Teacher Gifts From a Teacher’s Point Of View We are almost at the end of 2022 (can you believe it?!) and if you’re anything like me you are already planning year end and Christmas gifts. I love spoiling A’s teachers and do so at every opportunity I could get. I know how much work teachers put into each and every child. I can see it in the way my


DELIGHTFUL TALES ABOUT DIFFICULT TOPICS Children are generally curious little beings. They love to explore and discover everything, but this nature of curiosity is usually accompanied by many many questions… especially the “but why‘s?“. Very often these questions can be unexpected and difficult to answer, or so I have experienced with A. I still remember the very first time the topic of race came up with A. He was sitting

My Stories – A Personal Reading Adventure

My Stories – Reading Is An Adventure “Reading is dreaming with open eyes” As a child reading was my escape. I started reading at age 5 and reading became a part of me. The books became my reality and I could see the scenes as if it was happening around me, I still do. I could spend hours alone in my room, just living in my fantasy world, as the


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