The Jellyfish Jiggle Book Review

The Jellyfish Jiggle Book Review As a mom and teacher who knows and understands the importance of reading, I am always on the hunt for fun and educational books to add to A’s book collection. Recently we were introduced to “The jellyfish Jiggle, by Kayla Diamond” and we could just not get enough! The jellyfish Jiggle is a colorful and fun little book that is not only packed with cute

A Peek At Peek A Blocks

A Peek At Peek A Blocks Peek A Blocks is a new construction type toy from Fisher Price and Mega Blocks. They are colorful and fun and hold more than just a few little surprises. With this toy A got to launch into an amazing 3-story Amusement park with his fun and exciting doggy and kitty chase. The toy is an all-new and super fun design for action-reaction play and