10 Reasons Why I Let My Boy Play With Dolls & Why I Believe Every Mom Should Too

10 Reasons Why I Let My Boy Play With Dolls & Why I Believe Every Mom Should Too You know how we all are the “ideal” mom before we actually become a mom. Yes – the judgmental, “I’ll never do that, I’ll never be that, I’ll never say that” mom… I used to be that “mom” too. I remember walking into a shop one day, and right in front of

Rugby Tots – For the love of F.U.N

Rugby Tots – For the love of F.U.N Make exercising more fun, make learning more fun, make developing crucial skills more fun – at Rugby Tots everything is just more fun! Ever since Aryan’s birth I have been hunting down fun and exciting extracurricular activities for us to do together. It all started with moms and babes when Aryan was about 4 months old, and I really got to experience

Little Gentlemen goes KiCoco

Little Gentlemen goes KiCoco As a First-time boy mom, I’ve faced many challenges, but one of my greatest, most frustrating challenges has been finding good quality, yet stylish and fashionable clothing for my wild boy child. Girly prettiness is everywhere, and you can find just about anything pretty, sparkly and pink in every single clothing store you step in, by the isles, but somehow boy’s fashion is limited to jeans,

To the Girl who never wants those “things”…

To The Girl Who Never Wants Those “Things”… I cant say that I understand, being a mom has been my biggest dream, in fact when I were asked what I wanted to be when I grow up in pre-primary I didn’t even think twice – “n mamma” was my answer and I were confident and proud about that, despite of all the laughter that were echoing through the school hall.

Jungle Themed Activities

22 Fun Jungle Themed Activities For Your Toddler This July Aryan and I went on a little Jungle adventure, where we discovered some of his favourite animals – Lilo the Lion, Sally the Snake, Myra the monkey and Ellie the Elephant. Each week one of our new friends taught us a little bit more about themselves while we had fun learning and developing some crucial fine motor, gross motor and

Childs Farm – Bringing a Gentle Touch to Sensitive Skin

Childs Farm – Bringing a Gentle Touch to Sensitive Skin But who said gentle means boring, dull, and fragranceless. That’s kind of the assumption we make when we hear of products made for sensitive or eczema prone skin, isn’t it? But Childs Farm is so much more than that. Our family is constantly searching for products that are not only affordable, but also value for money, but lately there is

Pre-Loved or Pre-Owned

Pre-Loved or Pre-Owned What goes through your mind when you hear the words “pre-loved” or “second hand”? Maybe you’re one of the moms who have been doing it for years, be it to save some money here and there, or to help preserve the planet or maybe you’re one of the moms who think “no thank you – not for me”. There really is no right or wrong here and

An Unlikely Influence

An Unlikely Influence We all have that special person in our lives, you know, the one who becomes that little voice inside of your head when the going gets tough, when the tough gets rough and when you feel like you’ve had enough. That ONE person who you admired as a young boy or girl, that you eventually started looking up to, and then one day realize that, that ONE

Ditsong National Museum of Natural History

Ditsong National Museum of Natural History Aryan has been having a little, nah who am I kidding, MAJOR dinosaur obsession for a while now. He has an impressive dinosaur book collection, his fair share of dinosaur toys and even some clothes. Dinosaurs is his favorite movie (even though he never watches it for longer than 10-20 minutes) and my YouTube Downloads basically consist of dinosaur videos – the obsession is

This is ME, This is WHY

This is ME, This is WHY Strangers think I’m quiet, my friends think I’m outgoing, my best friends know that I’m completely insane! If you have read the “10 facts about me” post, you pretty much know all there is about me. Yup, I can pretty much sum me up in 10 facts. I actually hate writing about myself, I never quite know what to say, I’m definitely a behind