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To Sleep Train or Not To Sleep Train – Part 2

To Sleep Train or Not To Sleep Train – Part 2 In part 1 of my “to sleep train or not to sleep train” series I gave you an idea of what sleep training really is and what it’s not or doesn’t do. I also gave you a little backside story, discussed the terms “sleep training” and “self-soothing” and last but not least I discussed 9 myths about sleep training.

To Sleep train or not to sleep train – Part 1

To Sleep Train Or Not To Sleep Train – Part 1 Sleep training is one of those very controversial subjects where just the mention of the term can spark a fire of outrage and judgement faster than you can say “BOOM”. I have noticed that sometimes moms forget that each and every mom’s motherhood journey is unique and special, and that everyone experiences phases differently – what works for you

Pottytraining 101ish

Pottytraining 101ish Oh, the forbidden P-word – Potty-training! Just like any other motherhood topic this topic falls into the Caution, be careful what you say group. Every mommy has their own unique “techniques” and their own opinions – some are for reward charts, others are against it, some are for training as soon as possible and others say it’s okay to take your time, some mommies start at as young

25 Fun, Memory Making Activities For This December Holiday

25 Fun, Memory Making Activities For This December Holiday We all look forward to a quiet, peaceful December Holiday to recharge and rest after a long, hard year. A holiday filled with sleep-ins, suntans, drinks with friends and long afternoon naps, but as mothers we know that this will likely remain but a wish on our Christmas Wishlist for the next 16 years. The kind of expectation vs reality thing.

10 Reasons Why I Let My Boy Play With Dolls & Why I Believe Every Mom Should Too

10 Reasons Why I Let My Boy Play With Dolls & Why I Believe Every Mom Should Too You know how we all are the “ideal” mom before we actually become a mom. Yes – the judgmental, “I’ll never do that, I’ll never be that, I’ll never say that” mom… I used to be that “mom” too. I remember walking into a shop one day, and right in front of

To the Girl who never wants those “things”…

To The Girl Who Never Wants Those “Things”… I cant say that I understand, being a mom has been my biggest dream, in fact when I were asked what I wanted to be when I grow up in pre-primary I didn’t even think twice – “n mamma” was my answer and I were confident and proud about that, despite of all the laughter that were echoing through the school hall.

Our Breastfeeding Rollercoaster

It’s been Good, It’s been Hard, It’s been FUN! When I nurse my precious son, it’s just me and him. The world falls flat along with all my worries and frustrations. In this special moment together, he is happy and the love between us become certain. Our body rhythms sync, our heartbeats and breaths as one. This is our time. (Taken from Maranda Bouwer) When I got pregnant with Aryan,

Toddlers are Aliens

15 Facts that prove toddlers are aliens It’s 10PM and after quite the struggle to get my toddler to bed, I finally get the chance to complete some much needed, “normal” adult tasks – like taking a shower. As I scramble to get everything done in record time so that I can enjoy just a tad bit of me time (which brings me to the decision between Netflix or sleep)

Exciting News with JAM

JAM Clothing – Lookbook & Exciting News With winter slowly creeping in on us so does the thought of having to re-pack, re-stock and re-create our children’s closets. Your barbie loving 4 year old suddenly turned into a frozen expert and refuses to wear anything other than Elsa or Olav just in case news come out that she is being disloyal to her imaginary princess kingdom. Spiderman suddenly loves paw

A Letter to My 2 Year Old

A Letter To My 2 Year Old My Sweet, Wild Boy Today’s the big day – the day you have been singing and fantasizing about for months – today you are 2. It still feels so surreal to utter these words, I still see you as my baby, wasn’t it just yesterday that I held you for the first time? In that split second of holding you, I was introduced