I CAN Dream… I WILL Flourish

I CAN Dream... I WILL Flourish!

Have you ever felt like you are slowly drowning under the pressure of life’s waves? Like the harder you swim and try to keep your head above the waters, the stronger the currents get, and it just keeps pulling you down, down, down. Eventually your arms are so tired you can no longer swim, but you are left with no choice, you struggle to breathe but you have to keep going until you no longer CAN, and you just break down… tired, overwhelmed and feeling hopeless. And suddenly the waters that kept crushing over you feel like nothing compared to the storm that broke loose inside of you and the waters that came pouring out of you.

I think as moms we have all been there at some point of our lives. We have all felt a little hopeless, a little overwhelmed, a little tired and a little guilty. We have all questioned ourselves, and our abilities, the way we mother and the way we wife. We have all felt like maybe we can do better, we can give more, like we can push ourselves a little harder and we have all compared ourselves to someone else who, in our eyes, do better or gives more than we can. But, you see as scary as this all may seem or sound, the truth is that motherhood is overstimulating! I saw a post on Lara Magnus’s page where she said that as mothers we are constantly needed for many different things, all at the same time, then there’s the ongoing whining, screeching, screaming and noise, we are constantly climbed on, touched or followed around, and we exist in a whirlwind of running and jumping. We get home to a messy house and a never-ending to-do list, and tonight we fall down onto our beds.. tired and exhausted and we pray that our littles sleep through the night just to give us that 4-5 hours to rest, and to gain the strength to do it all over again tomorrow. As mothers, everyone else’s needs come before ours, because we are the care takers or does it? It shouldn’t! There’s this powerful quote by Glennon Doyle that says “My children do not need me to save them, they need to watch me save myself.” and this quote really hit home with me. Sometimes, while trying to be the best mom, wife, daughter and sister we fight so hard to fill everyone else’s cups that eventually our own cups run dry, we lose ourselves in the process and fade into a shadow of what we once used to be, because we forget that we need to take care of ourselves as well.

This past week there was a long post on one of the FB parenting groups where a desperate mommy asked the other moms on the group what they did for some “me-time” and you’d be shocked by the responses. Many of them responded with a lighthearted “what’s that, can you eat that?” but some of the other responses included things like going to the bathroom alone, taking a shower, or enjoying a warm cup of coffee or plate of food in the evenings. It’s sad to think that we deem that okay as “me-time”, because as moms we need more than being able to go to the bathroom alone or enjoy a shower, we deserve more, we owe ourselves and our children more than that.

As mothers we deserve to feel inspired, we deserve to dream and fulfill our wildest dreams and we deserve to thrive! But how?

At the end of last year Lara Magnus popped into my life and made me ask myself these same questions. I felt overwhelmed and tired, and it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. But Lara changed that for me, she showed me how to become a conscious coder of my own life and took me on a journey to fully own my destiny, she showed me how I could live with intention in every single area of my life, and then took my hand in hers and walked the road with me through her iDream iFlourish life transformation program and daily planner for mothers. It wasn’t an easy road and I am by no means at the end of my journey, it’s a marathon and not a race. The journey is not easy, that I can promise you, you are required to dive deep into the currents of life, you are expected to answer some questions that you’d rather leave where they’ve been hiding the last couple of years and you need to take responsibility and see yourself in a light that you’ve been dimming since becoming a mom, but it is so worth it and with Lara’s support and soft, gentle and kind words that always makes you feel heard and loved the journey becomes a little easier.  

But who is Lara Magnus?

Lara is a mother, wife and certified Master Life Coach who is passionate about helping women live their truest, wildest, most expressive lives. Lara has a soft spot for mothers, because motherhood turned her world on it’s head. Lara created a life transformation program and a planner for mothers to help them live up to their full potential even through this hard journey called motherhood.

What does this Life Transformation Program do exactly?

The program was designed to guide mothers step by step in reevaluating each area of our lives , the roles we play, and how we currently show up for ourselves and others around us. It then also guides us in reinventing our lives on OUR own terms, so that we can live our most inspired, most authentic lives. The Program comes in the form of a planner designed especially for mothers and you also then get access to a member only area on Lara’s website which has meditations, and additional worksheets and processes to help you maximize what you get out of the program.

I have been using the planner for just over a month now and it has helped me make some drastic changes to my life. It has shown me which cups are overflowing and which needs re-filling and it has guided me to create new habits that helps me re-fill the dry, empty cups of my life. As a single mom, my first words to Lara was, but I already have zero time… How am I going to squeeze in some me-time into my busy, rushed day? I can’t just pass my responsibility to someone else, I NEED to do everything myself, and Lara showed me that was simply not true. Simple, small changes like putting A to bed just a little earlier so that I can spend some time with my planner and listening to Lara’s meditations while I have a hot cup of coffee, and ensuring I go to my Zumba classes once every week has made a huge difference in my life, and this is only the start of my journey. I’m taking baby steps, but I already feel like a better mom and woman, I can finally breathe and that’s what 2022 is all about for me.

So, in conclusion I thought I’d share some of the things that I love about the planner and the program:

1.It’s design

Every woman wants a beautiful planner to guide us through the year, and Lara has put so much passion, thought and work into this beautiful planner for moms. The planner is stunning on the outside and is small enough to carry with you everywhere you go, making it the perfect companion. The beautiful design also just makes you WANT to work through it!

2. It’s the ultimate planner for moms!

 The planner is divided into 3 different sections: 1. Dream, 2. Flourish and 3. Get organized. Section 1 is all about helping you build your dream and this is where you are expected to reevaluate your life as it is right now. Here you’ll identify what is working and what isn’t and then you will start building the picture that you want for your life. The planner guides you and helps you through this step-by-step so don’t worry about it! Section 2 – flourish is all about helping you get through the days, weeks, months and years with a little more purpose, order and direction. Section two includes a yearly planner, monthly planners where you note down important dates, to-do lists, your main focus area for the month for you AND your children, deadlines as well as a habit trackers, then it also has a weekly planner for you to note down things like to-do lists for that week, selfcare goals and so much more and last but not least you have your daily planners with a space for both your AND your children’s schedules and habit check ins to keep you accountable! At the end of each month you also have a space to reflect on the past month and you can jot down your successes, what you’d like to improve on, etc. It’s really so organized and detailed that you’ll need no other planner and you’d want no other planner! Last but not least section 3 – get organized contains handy planners for special projects, planning of events and managing your budget! This planner contains everything moms need and it is very clear that it was created for moms by a mom!

3. The extras!

This is so much more than just your regular planner! When you purchase the planner you get a complete life transformation coaching programme that will guide you through an in depth evaluation of where you find yourself in your life right now and then guide you in creating your vision and plan for your life in it’s truest, wildest, most expressive form. You also get unlimited access for one year to all the resources you need to thrive, which includes things like meditations and downloadable worksheets to guide you deeper into the processes set out in your planner. You also get a beautiful pen, handy meal planner and grocery list for you to keep in your kitchen!

There is so much more to love about this planner and you can read all about it by just tapping on this link —- https://laramagnus.co/idream-iflourish/ or follow beautiful Lara on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/laraleemagnus/

It’s important to remember that our kids don’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy mom! Self-care is giving the world the BEST of you, instead of what’s LEFT of you! We have to always hold on to the fact that it’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary! And who better to help you through this process than a mom whose already been where you’re at and that knows how to pick up the pieces and can do so with love, passion and a caring and gentle touch! 

Lots of Love 

~ Me~ 

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