Healthier Living With Fry’s

Healthier Living With Fry's

January usually comes with a whole bunch of New Year’s resolution posts, but this is not one of them. I personally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in making positive changes to our life that’s sustainable and setting reachable goals. One thing that has been weighing heavily on me is making healthier choices for my family, especially little A. Healthy living has always been a huge part of my life, but it took the backseat over the last couple of years and it’s definitely something I want to change in 2022. Changing habits and planning go hand in hand for me and one of the major changes we’ve been wanting to make as a family has been changes to our diet and our food choices. For so long we’ve wanted to introduce a meat free day into our week, through including more fresh fruit, veggies and plant-based products into our meals. My family LOVES meat, so getting rid of all meat is not a realistic goal for us but introducing a no-meat day into our week is a simple step towards a healthier us. It could also give us all the opportunity to experiment with different plant-based foods and recipes which is rather exciting! So, we finally decided to join Veganuary 2022 and after discovering and trying out the Fry’s brand we just knew that this journey was going to be amazing, delicious and exciting and we want to share it with you!

So, let’s start with why we made the decision to introduce a meat-free day into our week.

Have you seen the price of meat lately?! Haha just kidding, but this really was the motivation behind us considering introducing a meat free day into our week. As a family we spoke about how we don’t need to eat meat every single day, and this actually made me a little more curious about the effects of meat not only on our budgets, but also our health. I love doing research and I decided to dig a little deeper on whether or not the consumption of meat has any effect on our health and the results shocked me. Did you know that research shows that people who eat red meat are at an increased risk of death from heart disease, stroke or diabetes. Processed meats also increase the risk of death from these diseases, because animal foods, especially red meat, are among the largest sources of saturated fats in our diet. I also found that cutting back on your meat intake decreases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and many different cancers!

So here are some of the benefits of reducing meat in your diet:
1. It supports good overall health and weight management

2. Could help reduce the risk of heart diseases

3. Can help improve gut health

4. Could possibly help protect you against certain cancers such as colorectal cancer and breast cancer

5. It’s not only better for your health, but also better for the environment

If a simple thing like cutting out meat only once a week could not only help us live healthier, but also protect the environment, then it’s definitely a step worth taking for us, and what better time to do this than in the new year. Not only does January often mark new beginnings, but it also marks the start of Veganuary and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore eating less meat.It’s a win-win-win!

What is Veganuary exactly?

Veganuary is a challenge that inspires people all over the world to try vegan for the month of January and beyond. If you are like us and don’t want to stop cold turkey, that’s okay too! You can join by cutting down on meat and/or animal products once, twice or three times a week too! Every little bit makes a difference. Did you know that more than 1 million people have already completed Veganuary’s one month challenge since it began in 2014 which has saved 6.2 million litres of water, and spared the lives of 3.4 million animals?! In 2021 alone 50% of the participants saw some improvements to their overall health, including improvements to their energy levels, mood, skin, appearance and body weight. That’s pretty impressive.

This past holiday we were introduced to the Fry’s brand and they won my entire family over, yes even my 4 year old picky eater! We would not choose any other brand to go on this journey with and this is why.

In order for me to explain the why, I first need to introduce you to the Who.

So, who and what is Fry’s?

Fry’s began in the Fry’s family kitchen. Yes, you read right, the original idea behind Fry’s was that the Fry’s family wanted to find a way to make nutritious products for their own family who are all passionate about plant based diets. They started in 1991 and back then people thought they were crazy to think that they could make plants that looked and tasted like meat in their kitchen. A few decades later and they still continue to make some amazingly good tasting plant based food which will leave you feeling good. The only difference is now their family is a whole lot bigger!

Now we can get to the Why specifically Fry’s?

Well we have had the privilege to try a whole range of Fry’s products and it was A-MA-ZING! If anything, we still want to enjoy food that tastes good and Fry’s made cutting meat so much yummier and effortless! But, off course that’s not the only reason, so here’s why we choose Fry”s:

  1. Fry’s is a homegrown brand, right out of SA and all of their fresh ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced.
  2. Fry’s always source the best ingredients and have always worked hard to perfect their recipes to guarantee the best taste.
  3. Fry’s regularly tests its food for herbicides and pesticides and has found no traces of either.
  4. Fry’s ethos is a holistic one , and it believes that the health of animals, the planet and it’s customers are intrinsically linked.
  5. Fry’s products are made to taste meaty, but are completely free from meat, egg and diary.
  6. All of the ingredients used in their products are completely Non-Genetically Modified, MSG Free, Preservative Free and Vegan.
  7. All Fry’s products are naturally cholesterol free.

Okay, so Fry’s sound like a high quality brand, but why did we personally like Fry’s? Well:

  1. The products are delicious! They look, smell and taste just like meat and I honestly loved the aromas that filled the kitchen while cooking them. I mean my 4 year old didn’t even know he was eating plants!
  2. They are easily available. I love that I’m able to walk into my neighbourhood Pick n Pay and find my favourite Fry’s products right there and then.
  3. They have a wide range of products – Eating plant-based can never get boring with Fry’s. They have so many yummy products to choose from – from burger patties to boeries to no-meatballs and pea protein mince. Every meal is exciting and we just want to try them all!
  4. Their products are healthier than the meat alternatives, which ensures that A gets a healthy, and nutritious meal or snack throughout the day.
  5. Their products are quick and easy to cook. I absolutely love how much time I save when I cook with Fry’s, because all of the products we tried were ready to serve in under 10 minutes! This makes it perfect for busy, on-the-go moms.
  6. Their products are perfect for every occasion – supper time, snack time, school lunchboxes or even a garden picnic – Fry’s guarantee a meal that everyone will enjoy and love.
  7. Their products are not only perfect for any occasion, it’s also perfect for everyone in the family and there’s definitely something for everyone. Dad? No problem burger patties and sausages of all kinds to the rescue. Mom? Sure thing, how about some golden crunch schnitzels or pea protein mince, even some battered prawn-style pieces or golden crispy fish-style fillets? And the kids? The no-meat balls and chicken-style nuggets will definitely win them over in a wink.

Last, but not least you can taste that the food is quality and that there’s a whole lot of passion and love that goes into their products, but don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself. They say seeing is believing, or should I say tasting is believing. 

All-in-all we really love the Fry’s brand and it definitely gets a thumbs up from me and my entire family, from 4 year old A all the way up to his granny and grandpa. Living a healthier, happier life has never been easier thanks to Fry’s!

I will leave you with a little quote: “People eat meat and think they will become as strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass. – Pino Caruso”

Lots of Love 

~ A & Mommy ~

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