An Intergalactic Adventure with Little Beehive

An Intergalactic Adventure with Little Beehive

The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere…  – Terence Mckenna

I love watching A play. Ever so often I sneak to his room and just quietly watch him… He’s usually so deep into his imaginary world that he doesn’t even notice me, and it doesn’t take long for him to pull me into his beautiful world of magic, adventure and play. I watch in awe as he turns anything and everything into something beautiful and spectacular – a stick becomes a sword, a gun, a torch or a shield, rocks turn into jewels, coins or treasure and a box turns into a castle, a cave, a cage or a hideout. I watch as he crashes, flies, and fight for survival in this world that only he can describe and understand. I love that there really is no limitations to his imagination and who or what he can be. We always say dream big to our children when in actual fact they can teach us how to dream big, how to be anything we want to be and how to use what we have and turn it into something spectacular.

The Importance and Benefits of Imaginary Play

Did you know that imaginary play is actually essential for our children’s development? Young children learn by imagining, playing, and doing. When a child uses for example a box to turn it into a car or a plane, they are using an object to represent something else while giving it an action and a motion. But, that’s not all, imaginary play actually helps the development of many other crucial skills such as language, social and emotional, cognitive thinking, fine motor, and gross motor skills to name only a few. Through imaginary play children also learn more about themselves and the world around them, they use this to discover their own likes, dislikes, interests and abilities while also trying to make sense of things they’ve observed. Children use imaginary play to make sense of things that can be confusing or scary to them, and it can even act as a coping mechanism, for example when kids play doctor-doctor and give each other a shot in the arm. When A’s grandpa got sick and had to be placed on oxygen at home his cousins and himself suddenly started playing with the oxygen masks and incorporated what they have seen at home and in the hospital into their play. This was their way of trying to make sense of what’s going on and it was also a way for them to cope with it all. This is why play therapy is so useful and beneficial. Pretend play also requires advanced thinking strategies, communication and social skills, which helps develop important complex social and higher order thinking skills. Through imaginary play children also learn how to socialize, negotiate, consider other’s perspectives, develop empathy, express their own ideas and opinions, assign tasks and roles and so much more! Imaginary play also cultivates social and emotional intelligence and it serves as a way for children to blend their skills and knowledge together. So, as you can see imaginary play is essential for our children since all of the skills and knowledge they absorb daily becomes like little puzzle pieces and play helps them put all of those puzzle pieces together to create a complete picture and understanding.Therefore it is important for us as parents to create opportunities for imaginary play and to give them the freedom to go on as many crazy adventures as they can possibly imagine, and this is why I’d like to introduce you to the amazing small business Little Beehive today.

Who is Little Beehive?

Little Beehive is a small local business that was started during the lockdown by Shenne who is not only a mommy to beautiful little Bentley but also a passionate teacher. They created a little cardboard wendy house for their son and once she saw how much fun he was having in it, she just wanted to share that joy with the world. Shenne has such a passion for teaching and she really wanted to incorporate this love and passion into her little business through creating something that would not only encourage creative open ended play, but also allow children to let their imaginations run wild and create bonding opportunities between children, siblings and their parents, and so Little Beehive was born. As a parent we all know that children prefer to play with the box that a toy came in rather than playing with the toy and Little Beehive literally took this to the next level! Little Beehive sells carboard wendy houses and castles, cardboard rocket reading nooks and their newest edition – the incredible cardboard kiddies Christmas tree. These all come flat packed with easy to follow instructions and once assembled is light and can be moved around easily.


Little Beehive opens up a whole new world of adventure for children of all ages! They can now play mommy or daddy in their own little playhouse or fight dragons from their castle, they can travel to far away galaxies and discover aliens from their rocket or they can travel to the Northpole to find and decorate their very own Christmas tree this Christmas. Wherever they want to go, Little Beehive can take them there and make it the adventure of a lifetime!

A was asked to review their cardboard rocket and it was an instant hit with him and all of his cousins! We were trying to paint it but we could never hide it away well enough for the children to leave it alone until we were done, it became the one thing that everyone wanted to play with and I don’t even blame them! We had so much fun turning his rocket into the most spacetastic rocket he has ever seen. We wanted to take him on different intergalactic adventures and decided to give the rocket 2 sides – from the front we welcome Archie the Alien peeking around the door in a beautiful, colourful galaxy of planets, comets and more and from the back A gets to turn himself into a little astronaut and go wherever his heart desires. We chose to go with a black background because 1. It wont get dirty so easily, especially since A and his cousins prefer playing outside and 2. It can be used as a blackboard where A can let his imagination go wild with just a little chalk.

So why do we love Little Beehive so much?

  1. It’s affordable

I remember when A was younger he desperately wanted one of those little wendy houses or even just a normal plastic playhouse, but they were just so expensive, we eventually had to settle for a second hand one that has seen better days. I love that these cardboard playhouses are so affordable! Now every child can have their own little playhouse and it doesn’t have to break the bank!

  1. Something for every child

I absolutely love all of their beautiful options and designs and the fact that they are so unique. They currently stock the normal little wendy house, a castle and a rocket! I mean how awesome?! No matter your child’s interest they will definitely fall in love with each and every one of these options!

  1. Versatility

Who doesn’t love things that are versatile! These playhouses are so much more than just a playhouse. You can use them in their playroom as a playhouse or in their room as a reading nook. During summers they are light enough to move outside for some outdoor fun  and they are easy to move back inside when they are done playing. They also make for the perfect birthday party décor and I love that you can “dress them up” with decorations for Christmas or Easter. 

  1. It’s a blank canvas

I love that these cardboard wendy’s, rockets, castles and Christmas trees come as plain cardboard, which gives YOU the opportunity to personalize it to your child’s personality and preferences. You can let your creativity run wild and turn it into anything you or your child dream of. You can paint it, decorate it, draw on it, and add your own personal touches to turn it into whatever you need or your child wants it to be. And if you need some inspiration all you have to do is check out their amazing Instagram page for tons of beautiful and creative ideas!

  1. Bonding opportunity

I love doing things with A, and we had just the best time decorating his rocket together. A even got his own little space to paint and create and he loved it! This made for the perfect mommy and me bonding activity, and I love that it encourages not only children to get creative but also mommy and daddy.

  1. Gender Neutral

One of my favorite things about Little Beehive is that all of their designs are gender neutral and can be enjoyed by both girls and boys! Yes! Even the castle and rocket!

  1. Encourages Imaginary and open ended play

I already discussed the benefits and purpose of imaginary play in detail so I won’t repeat it here, but I do love how these just rockets them into a whole new world of imaginary fun and opportunities!

  1. Customer Service

I just adore how much passion and love goes into the business. No one is just a number and Shenne is such a sweet soul and such a pleasure to speak to, always ready to assist or help!

Christmas is around the corner and I honestly cannot think of a better gift than the gift of play and these little playhouses are guaranteed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your little ones! They also make for an awesome holiday activity that you could take on together and will help you create memories that will last a lifetime! I couldn’t recommend Little Beehive enough! Please tap on the link – to learn more about this precious little business. 

Hint: Their little cardboard Christmas trees is such an awesome way to get your little ones involved in the Christmas Spirit, and keep their tiny hands busy and away from your Christmas tree! Just give them their very own decorations and they can decorate their tree in any way they please and work those fine motor skills at the same time! Go check it out! 

Little Beehive gets a double thumbs up from both A and I! 

Lots of Love 

~ A and Mommy ~

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