July 2021

Reinvent Play With MEXAConstruX HotWheels

Reinvent Play With MEXAConstruX HotWheels What happens when you smash together 2 of the most popular toys for boys (and girls) – lego and hotwheels? Well, let me tell you, the coolest, very exciting MEXAConstruX HotWheels are born! This toy is so cool and truly was a gamechanger, or should I say play changer in our home! It’s a toy that got me almost as excited as it got A

Arm your skin with SBR this winter!

Arm Your Skin With SBR This Winter! Every household has THAT product that has been passed down for generations, that one product that you grew up knowing as the “fix it all” product, and that your household ALWAYS have hidden somewhere. For our family it has always been the SBR creams. Skin issues have always been a major problem in my family. My mom and brother both suffer from severe