May 2021

BLOWOUT Action with WWE Superstars

BLOWOUT Action with WWE Superstars If you ask me anything about WWE I would probably stare at you like you were from another universe, BUT ask A and he would immediately go into WWE wrestle mode and show you his moves and muscles. A’s dad was always a busy, on the go man, but he never missed his WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdowns, and neither did A’s siblings.

mega blocks little builder drill set

Let’s get to work with The MEGAblocks Lil’ Building Drill Set

Let’s get to work with The Megablocks Lil’ Building Drill Set Play is the building blocks of life they say, so I say let’s get building and what better way to do that than through Megablocks!? Megablocks has been a huge hit in our home for the last 4 years! A got his first set when he turned 1 and his collection has grown over the last 4 years, and

EduVenturing – Blissful Bathtime for Everyone

Eduventuring – Blissful Bathtime For Everyone Over the past few years we have been introduced to a whole new world of bathtime fun. We have been very privileged to try different bath products – each unique and special in their very own way, but it is not very often that mommy gets to be spoiled too. Eduventuring sent both A and I some bathtime spoils and it was just so

There’s No Wrong Way To Be A Boy

There’s No Wrong Way To Be A Boy Planes, trains, trucks and toys… there’s nothing quite like little boys. This quote rings in my ears every time I watch A play, and although he loves playing with planes, trains and trucks, it is not that part that caught my attention, but the – toys – part. I say this because A also loves to play with dolls, makeup and princess