Swing, Climb, Go Wild with Blue Heaven’s Swing board

Swing, Climb, Go Wild with Blue Heaven’s Swing Board

Because to move is Art
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As a mom and teacher I am always looking for versatile and educational toys – toys that will encourage my boy to use his imagination, to explore, to PLAY. Kids these days are surrounded with all kinds of technology that steal their childhoods – tablets, phones, game stations, etc. Kids no longer know how to PLAY! Because of this, I have also been on the search for toys that will encourage A to get outside into the great outdoors and move!  So, what if I told you that I found a toy that does all of that and more? A toy that is fun, a toy that can be used indoors and outdoors, a toy which can be played with on the beach, on the grass, on mat or even wooden floors, a toy that is fun and exciting every season of the year, a toy that can be used by 2 year olds all the way up to 6 year olds, by mom and even by primary schools, a toy with no limitations, no boundaries… a toy that will never bore. Now, what if I told you that this toy can also be used to help with your child’s physical and cognitive development?  Sounds to good to be true, right ? Well, today I want to introduce you to Blue Heaven’s Swingboard.

But first…

Who is Blue Heaven?

Blue Heaven was founded by Kelly, a Montessori teacher and Pilates instructor in the beginning of 2019. Kelly saw the benefits of using balance boards through her experience as both a teacher and Pilates instructor and decided that she wanted to find a way to blend the two into something beautiful and beneficial to others. Kelly also decided that whatever she does it needed to be produced locally and help uplift the community, she wanted to gives us South Africans something that we could call our own. So.. through Kelly’s experience, knowledge and passion the rainbow rocker and swing board was born and so the little company called Blue Heaven came into existence.

What is the swing board?

The swing board is a Waldorf/Montessori classic, with open-ended play being its main focus. It is a sturdy, beautifully crafted rocking balance board that can be used in multiple different ways. It is an eco-friendly wooden exercise board that lets you slide, wobble, balance, rock and more. The swing board is made from sustainable and proudly South African birch and maple wood, and is therefore organic and non-toxic. The curved board is locally sourced and manufactured. The board can be used for pilates/Yoga poses, at home exercises, as a seat, a bridge, a step, for functional or strength training, to train specific muscle groups and so much more! The swing board is loved by adults, kids, teachers and even the elderly. Swing boards are a great way to encourage fun, playful and creative movement.

A deeper look into the swingboard:

What can the swingboard be used for:

I honestly can list a hundred things and it won’t be all of it, because the beauty of the swingboard is that every child, every unique personality, every little mind will turn it into something new and magical – I might only see a balance board, but a child will use it as a boat or stepping stone, a fort or bridge. Every child will take it on an entirely different and unique adventure within their wild imagination. Some of the things the swingboard can be used for however is:

  1. Pilates/Yoga poses
  2. Home exercise routines for adults

Whether you use it for squats, jumps or even core exercises the swing board will definitely bring a new and exciting way of exercising to your living room or garden.

  1. Fun and playful at-home exercises for children and toddlers

The swing board is an excellent tool to use to aid the development of your toddler or child. Whether they swing, wobble, rock or balance on it, the swing board will help build strength and muscle as well as help develop their core and gross motor skills, all through play.

  1. Open-ended play since it encourages active imaginative play

That’s the beauty of open ended toys – it can be anything. I watched A use it as a bridge for his cars and dinosaurs, then a rock to hide under, a bed to “chill” in and watch tv, a seat, a skateboard, a road to drive over with his bike, a slide and so much more. The only limit is their imagination. Whether they jump over it, climb on top of it, stand in front, inside or outside of, the swingboard truly is a magical tool for both kids, moms and teachers.

Benefits of the swing board:

  1. It engages your child’s imagination

Imagination, imagination, imagination – something we are born with, but yet something this world really really needs more of. Technology has destroyed kids’ imagination and it breaks my heart because as Albert Einstein I do believe that imagination is more important than knowledge. With the swingboard your child has no choice but to use their imagination and turn it into anything they want it to be. It can take them on some incredible adventures, but it all starts (and ends) with THEIR imagination.

  1. It is great for individual play and group activities
  2. It actually helps with motor planning, balance and core strength

Kids love to climb on, over and inside of it, or even jump over it and this all helps in the development of their gross motor and balancing skills. The rocking and wobbling also assists the development of core strength.

  1. It develops coordination
  2. It is ideal for kids with sensory processing disorder and autism who like to rock.
  3. Helps create body awareness
  4. It is strong, durable, sustainable and locally produced.
  5. It makes for a great prop to be used to act out stories, and in role-playing
  6. It helps with social development through the way it stimulates creativity, imagination and role-playing.
  7. Helps kids with problem-solving skills

These are only a few benefits that the swing board holds, there are many more!

We loved the swingboard because:

  1. It is locally produced and manufactured, as well as organic and eco-friendly!
  2. It it is so versatile

I love that A can use it for free-play, that I can use it to stimulate him and then once he is asleep, I can pull it out and use it for my own exercises. It’s not something that will take up space and lie around, but rather something that can be used by the entire family.

  1. It encourages imaginative play and free play, especially outdoors
  2. It’s timeless – it’s something that won’t go out of fashion and will always have a purpose.
  3. It is sturdy and made to last. 

What you need to know about the swing board

  1. It is a bit heavy and A definitely struggled to carry it himself, however I know that this usually comes with durability. I mean I don’t want to step right through it, so I would expect it to be strong enough to carry an adults weight..
  2. It is a bit bulky and you won’t be able to just store it away behind a cupboard or push it under the bed, however the design is beautiful and it could also be an added piece to a room. A’s is used as a slide in his room and he loves it.

Final words

The moment A received his swing board he started experimenting with it. I didn’t have to explain it to him or demonstrate it to him, his imagination took charge and right away he found ways to play with it that I would never even have thought of. The very first thing he did was place it against a couch and slide down it and his face just lit up. The more we work with it and play with it, the more ways we find to use it, and yes I’m saying “WE”. The swing board got me just as excited as it did A and we are both loving it. It definitely gets a double thumbs up from the both of us.

More products by Blue Heaven:

  1. Rainbow Rocker

The rainbow rocker was originally developed in Waldorf early childhood classrooms and is another proudly South African created masterpiece.

  1. The Swing 360

THIS IS COMING OUT SOON!! It’s SUPER exciting!! It’s a totally new innovative product and will be released later this year so keep your eyes posted and follow @blueheaven_movement on Instagram to avoid missing out!


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