Earthbound Kidz – 100% clean, 100% bathtime FUN!

Earthbound Kidz – 100% clean, 100% bathtime FUN!

A loves bath time, in fact, I think it’s his favorite time of the day. This is the time where he can unwind, take a breath and relax after a very busy, stimulating day and I just love seeing how his little body instantly relaxes as the warm water and bubbles surround him. He can spend hours in the water, so I spend hours looking for bath time products that can not only make bath time fun and exciting, but products that are also friendly to his skin and does not contain harmful chemicals and colorants, since A also has sensitive skin and our family has a history of eczema.

Then we were introduced to Earthbound Kidz, a subsidiary of Earthbound Lifestyle. Earthbound Kidz was founded in 2020 by Samantha Wilkins after hearing the call from parents everywhere for better bath and body products for young skin. They, however, didn’t just want to create better bath and body products, but also products that are good, clean and loads of fun! Earthbound Kidz offer a variety of educational and fun bath and body products. Not only this, but Earthbound Kidz are also very careful when it comes to the formulation of their ranges to make sure that their products are non-abrasive, free of all nasties and where possible all natural.

A was sent a little hamper to try out and review and his bathtime went from boring bubbles and toys to a world of glitter, magic and imagination.

Here are some of A’s favorites:

1 Jungle Beat Trunk’s Favourite Strawberry Foam Bath

A loves anything pink and strawberry, and he is not shy to tell you that a strawberry milkshake is his favorite, so the strawberry foam bath was a natural hit with A. It Is not only Paraben free, but it also contains non allergic fragrances, AND it smells “delicious” according to A! A loved the soft, fluffy bubbles and spent hours turning himself into different characters, blowing the bubbles around the bathroom and hiding his toys under the “bubble lava” from the volcano. 

2. Jungle Beat Fneep’s Star Bath Crayons

A opened the little box and immediately “oohed” and “aahed”. The big stars are just magical. They instantly transport you to the magical world of Jungle Beat the movie and it feels like you are in another galaxy. The colors, glitter and shapes truly makes you feel like you are getting ready to go on an exciting adventure! These bath crayons are 100% natural… yes you read right 100%! The crayons are soy based and were made locally right here in SA. They are also non-toxic and the big star shapes are perfect for little hands that are just starting to experiment with writing. The crayons can be used to draw on the bath, bathroom tiles and even the body AND is EASILY washed off when playtime is over. I kid you not, these crayons wiped off with one sweep, which is so much easier than many of the other bath time products we have tried.

3. Dino Bath Crayons

Need I say more – you got A at DINO. A was just obsessed with these little crayons and he couldn’t wait to tell me all of their dinosaur names. He then continued to pack them out on the side of the bath and counted each one carefully. And off course he had to go on a dino safari. There were dino battles, volcanoes and a ton of “roaaarrrs”, stomping and splashing. A loved that he could use the crayons for imaginary play and to draw the different scenes on the bathtub, such as crazy, bubbling volcanoes and a jungle for his dinosaurs. These crayons are also 100% natural and soy based, as well as nontoxic and tons of fun!

Now for some things that mommy loved:

  1. The little monster sanitizer/surface disinfectant sprayThese are so cute and so genius! I remember at the beginning of the whole corona pandemic my niece’s hands burst open and were so raw and sore because of the hand sanitizer that the school used on her hands. No amount of cream could make it better and a lot of tears were shed. She is only 7 years old and my heart broke for her. At our school the little ones have to spray their hands constantly – before every lesson, after every lesson and whenever they leave the class and come back in. Let’s face it, most of these sanitizers are extremely harsh on the skin. This is why I love the little monster sanitizers from Earthbound Kidz, they are:
  1. Super gentle on little hands and skin, since they do not contain any abrasives.
  2. They are non-toxic AND nonalcoholic, but has been SABS approved and has been clinically proven to kill 99% of germs and viruses.
  3. They come in 20ml bottles which makes it convenient for both parents and little ones. It can easily be popped into their school bags or your handbag and even inside their lunchboxes (which is the perfect little reminder for them to sanitize their hands before eating). If your child wears a blazer it can even be popped into one of their pockets.

The little ones adapted very well to the new “normal’ but these little sanitizers will definitely make it just a little easier.

In conclusion:

There’s really nothing much to dislike about these products by Earthbound Kidz. If I had to be 101% honest the only thing I’d add is a little fragrance to the little sanitisers, but the pros far outweighs the cons and I didn’t seem to mind this! They tick all of the boxes – 100% natural (tick), 100% local (tick), 100% clean and good for the skin (tick) and 100% fun (tick)! I love how this product will make the perfect birthday gift, or even a fun little addition to your Easter basket this year (wink-wink).  It definitely gets a thumbs up from us, how about you?

Check out some more Earthbound Kidz products on or their Instagram page:


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