24 Fun Christmas Themed Activities to do over the December Holidays 2020

24 Fun Christmas Themed Activities to do over the December Holidays 2020

Can you believe that we are already here? This year has been one of a kind and taught us to really treasure the little things in life. I know that this year has been a challenging one for most, and I have seen way too many moms saying that the year took away that festive feeling for them. I, on the other hand have never been this excited for Christmas – a time where the world around us is filled with magic and wonder once again. I also can’t wait to slow down again and spend some time with my family and A. December is such a beautiful time to create memories that will last a lifetime, traditions that can be passed down to generations after and bonding with those closest to you.

So, I decided to help my fellow mommies with 25 simple, fun and affordable ways to make this December holiday a little more memorable and bearable. I also tried to stick to activities that you can do in the comfort of your home, since Covid is unfortunately still very much a part of our lives.

1. Set up your Christmas Tree

Off course I’ll kick off with this, because we celebrate December by putting up our Christmas tree. Nothing beats taking out that tree, putting on some Christmas background music and hearing the laughter and excitement of the kids echo over each other as they decorate the tree. It is just magical and I actually heard about a study that they did which proved that putting up a Christmas tree and decorations positively influences ones mental wellbeing. I know a lot of you have already done this and that’s okay, you can still join in on some of the other fun ideas I have:

  • Make your own Christmas tree decorations.

You can literally use anything from salt clay to popsicle sticks. Use what you have around the house. Another fun idea is to buy some cheap Christmas tree baubles from PEP or your closest China shop and have your little ones decorate it as they please. Just give them some koki’s, glitter and stickers and let them run wild with their imagination. The final product doesn’t matter as long as everyone is having fun, memories are being made, and next year when you pull out the diy decorations you can all have a little giggle about it.

  • If your child is still small make him/her their own felt Christmas tree that they can decorate and re-decorate when and as they please. This really helps to keep those busy and curious little hands away from the actual Christmas tree. They are fairly simple to make, you literally only need some felt in different colours. Cut a Christmas tree out of the green felt and decorations out of the other colours.

2. Sensory Play

Sensory play is always a win for kids of all ages and can keep the little ones entertained for hours. There are thousands of sensory play ideas on Pinterest. Some of our favorite Christmas Themed sensory play ideas are:

  • DIY Snow

This is so simple to make and the kids love it because it actually turns cold as snow as well. 

All you need is:

A cup of baking soda (You can use more, just depends on how much you want to make).

A cup of shaving cream / white conditioner. 

Mix it together until you get the perfect snow consistency – if it’s too watery add more baking soda and vice versa. 

Then enjoy!

  • Christmas Gloop

Another big hit, because which kid does not like playing with slime! The only difference is that these are simple to make, but just as easy to clean, so it’s a win-win! 

You will need:

  • Maizena
  • Water
  • Green or Red Food Coloring 

Mix one cup of maizena with half a cup of water, but add the water slowly as you mix. 

Add a few drops of food colouring and mix until you get the right consistency. It should look watery, but as soon as you push your hand in, it should be hard to the touch. You should also be able to pick it up as a solid, but when in your hand it should melt again. If it’s not “solid” enough, add a little more maizena. 

Easy Peasy Fun!

  • Edible Marshmallow Slime

Follow the link to see how we make our edible marshmallow slime! To make it a bit more Christmassy use white marshmallows, and add a few drops of green or red food colouring. 

If you want to skip the mess, then you can order a sensory box from one of these incredible local companies:

1. Sensori Box – https://www.instagram.com/sensori_box/

3. Picnic under the stars

We are so blessed to have wonderful warm and sunny evenings in SA so we should make the most of it. Why not pack some snacks and a blanket and have a picnic under the stars, even if it’s just in your own backyard! If you are looking for a little backyard adventure why not have a little campout in the backyard! Put up your tent and braai some marshmallows – it’ll be an unforgettable evening for your little one. 

4. DIY Project

Take on a DIY project with your little ones and make something together. A and I are going to re-do Alfies house by painting it and re-decorating it. You can take on any project, but it’s always fun to make a house from cardboard boxes, and then have your little one decorate it with some paint or crayons.

Local Company To Support: 

Little Beehive – https://www.instagram.com/little_beehive_/

Little Beehive sells little cardboard Wendy houses that are easy to set up and can then be painted, and decorated by your little ones!

5. Bake and Decorate some cookies

Have some fun and bake some cookies/muffins together. Then let the little ones decorate them as they please. Give them some icing sugar, sprinkles and chocolates or smarties and let them go wild. You could even take some over to neighbors, friends or a children’s home. 

Local Company To Support:

If you are looking to skip the mess, you can buy cookie decorating kits from:

Little Aprons Baking – https://www.instagram.com/littleapronsbaking/

6. Movie night

Order a pizza, Pop some popcorn, make your own milkshakes or hot chocolates and binge watch Christmas movies together. Pull out the classics and make a little “Christmas family bed” in the living room. Some of our favorites are:

1. The Star

2. The Grinch

3. Home Alone 

4. The Christmas Chronicles (I see number 2 has been released)

5. Jingle Jangle

6. Jack Frost

7. A Christmas Carol

7. Do a toy cleanout

Let your children go through their old toys and throw out everything that they have outgrown and no longer plays with. Give them empty boxes to decorate and place all the toys in. Then take them to a children’s home or your Church so that they can donate their toys to all the kids who don’t have any. This not only helps clear out some space for all the new toys they’ll be getting and helps with the clutter, but it also teaches them a valuable lesson. To top it off they will be adding a little magic to another child’s Christmas.

8. Storytime

Hide books all over the house and in the garden. Have a little book scavenger hunt with clues hidden inside of all the books. In order to find the clue the book must be read first. This is such a fun way of encouraging your little one to read and spend time outside.

You could also make a little Christmas advent Calendar and wrap 24 books (old or new) and then write a number on each one. Your little one can then open one book every night leading up to Christmas for you to read together.

Thank you https://www.instagram.com/minimatissediaries/ for the idea. 

9. Decorate Christmas presents

Get a roll of plain white/ brown paper and wrap your Christmas presents in that instead of gift wrapping paper. Now give the kids some paint, glittler, koki’s and decorations and let them decorate the gifts as they please. This adds a little personal touch to each of the gifts and the kids love it!


10. Clay

Make some clay (there are hundreds of different recipes on Pinterest), download and print the attached clay mats, laminate them or cover with decifix and have some fun. This activity is perfect for a rainy day.

Download on: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREEBIE-Cristmas-Playdough-Mats-1021607

Local Company to support:

1. Dough Ray Me – https://www.instagram.com/_doughrayme/

2. Speel KleiKlei – https://www.instagram.com/speelkleiklei/

3. The Dough Box SA – https://www.instagram.com/thedoughbox.rsa/

4. Doe Earth and Play – https://www.instagram.com/doeearthandplay/

11. Have a pamper night.

Have a pamper day with your little one where you get to pamper each other! Boy moms, I promise they enjoy it just as much. Do each other’s facials, give each other a “mani” and “pedi” or even just a little massage.

12. Have a dance party

Dress up in your strangest clothes or let your little one pick an outfit for you, then turn up the volume of your favorite Christmas songs and have a little dance party! If you have more than 1 child, have a little crazy outfit showoff or fashionshow. Add some glowsticks to your dance party to take the fun to the next level.

13. Have a DIY Restaurant

These are always fun. Mom and dad gets dressed up as a waiter and manager and you will serve your little ones as if they are going to a restaurant. Dress your little one in their fanciest outfit. Set up a little menu, set the table and treat them like royalty.

14. Go Christmas spotting

Have a little Christmas scavenger hunt. Make a list with things that your little one can spot, for example – a Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Rudolph, presents, etc. Now go on a drive around the neighbourhood or to a lights festival closeby and see if you can spot the different things together. Tick it off the list as you go. 


15. Make your own nativity set

We should never forget the reason for the season, so why not make your very own nativity set? I attached a few examples below. You can also make your own story stones – these are wonderful too!

Local Companies to support:

  1. Good Shepherd Toys (Nativity sets) – https://www.instagram.com/goodshepherdtoys/
  2.  Oh the stories you’ll tell (Story Stones) – https://www.instagram.com/stories_youll_tell/

16. Family Game Night

Have a big family game night. Dig out all of those boardgames collecting dust in the cupboard and have some fun. Make family teams and play for points or a reward or just have plain fun!

17. Have a marshmallow fight

I wanted to say have a pillow fight, but for some reason those never end well. So, this year we are going to be safe and have a marshmallow fight.

18. Family Photoshoot

Have a family photoshoot! I know not everyone can afford a formal photoshoot but have a photoshoot, even if it’s at a park and you use your phone. Get some props, or make your own and go make those memories!

You can get free printable props from Pinterest. Just download, print and then paste them onto some popsicle/sosatie sticks. 

19. Coloring fun

Every year I use colouring pictures to tell the Nativity story to A. We put on some Christmas music, pack out some snacks and then colour together. 

Pinterest has a ton of free printable: https://za.pinterest.com/search/pins/?rs=ac&len=2&q=nativity%20colouring%20printables&eq=nativity%20colouring%20p&etslf=7494&term_meta[]=nativity%7Cautocomplete%7C0&term_meta[]=colouring%7Cautocomplete%7C0&term_meta[]=printables%7Cautocomplete%7C0

20. Visit a Christmas market

Is it even Christmas, if you don’t go to a Christmas market? Look for markets in and around your area and go to at least 1!

21. Paint a masterpiece

Buy a canvas (Crazy Store’s canvases start at around R20) and then allow your little one to paint freely. Below are a few examples of what can be painted. 

22. Have a Christmas party

This is one of my favourite events! The day before Christmas we have a little “Birthday party” for Jesus! We dress up, put on our party hats and set up a snack table. We play games and listen to music and we have a little service where we hear the Word of God, pray and praise and worship. It’s all about celebrating Jesus! 

23. Have a silly dress up and drive your bike around the neighborhood

24. Create a new tradition

Find at least one little thing to add to your traditions that can be passed on to other generations. For us we have the Christmas Party and Aryan’s Christmas Eve box. 


Most of all, have fun! It’s all about the memories being made, so be silly, be wanky and find your inner child. 

Love A & Mommy

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