A Peek At Peek A Blocks

A Peek At Peek A Blocks

Peek A Blocks is a new construction type toy from Fisher Price and Mega Blocks. They are colorful and fun and hold more than just a few little surprises. With this toy A got to launch into an amazing 3-story Amusement park with his fun and exciting doggy and kitty chase. The toy is an all-new and super fun design for action-reaction play and A enjoyed placing his Peek A Block Animals on the blocks to Activate its peek-a-boo surprise. He excitedly pushed down the launcher to watch the animals fly of the block and onto the slide and giggled as the “scared doggy” closed his eyes and made his way down the slide. Once he got bored of launching his Peek A Block friend onto the slide, he started using his wild imagination to build all kinds of different adventure parks with the blocks and even got to create new tracks for his friends to slide down. He got to use his problem solving and gross motor skills to build small, medium and even large slides by either using one of the slides or all three slides at once. Together with his Peek A Block friends A got to go on a few wild adventures.

A has never really been one for blocks, and although we tried to encourage him to actually play with them, because of the many developmental benefits they hold, he just never showed any interest, and eventually I just gave up. I was a little reluctant to try these, but I’m happy I did. So, here’s what we loved about the product:

1. Diversity:

Although the ideal age is set at 1+ this toy was thoroughly enjoyed by A. It kept him entertained for hours and is still one of his go-to toys over a weekend. I loved how the toy was entertaining and appropriate for such a diverse age group. The blocks are perfect for little hands and provide hands-on play to help develop imagination and gross motor skills, but the older kids enjoyed playing around with the tracks and building their own little unique tracks and Amusement parks, which also helps develop problem-solving and cognitive thinking skills. Might I also add that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that this toy is gender neutral and perfect for little boys and girls!

2. Set Up

The set-up is easy and straightforward. I love how it came with a simple step-by-step guide to build the amusement park, and A could easily join in and help me build it. Once he got the hang of it, he was able to rebuild it by himself, which is a big plus since he plays rough and knocked the park over more than just a couple of times.


3. Surprise Factor

We loved the surprise factor of the Peek A Block animals! It makes playtime fun and exciting and A loved seeing their little hands open up when they are placed on the blocks and then enjoyed watching them close their eyes as they fly of the launcher and slide down the track.

4. Quality

They are sturdy and the quality is excellent – They definitely passed the A-test which is a huge bonus in my eyes! I cant even count how many times A dropped the little balls as he used them to fly through the air and land on their little launcher and they still look good as new. These blocks are made to last!

5. Price/Affordability

I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I looked up the price for the product. This set includes two Peek A Blocks (balls), 29 building blocks, 3 slides and the little launcher for a mere R499. The product is well-priced and would make an excellent and affordable birthday or Christmas present for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3.




There really wasn’t much to dislike about the product. The only thing I really noticed was that when the launcher was not placed in the perfect spot the balls would not roll down the slide and would either get stuck, or would jump off the track. This however was easily fixed by just moving the launcher. This would also not be a problem if mom or dad builds the track according to the instructions, it only became a bit of a challenge when Aryan started playing around with the tracks and blocks to build his own “park”. 

The toy however provides endless opportunities and hours of fun so it’s a THUMBS UP from us!


Peek A Blocks are available at Toys R Us https://www.toysrus.co.za/first-builders-peek-a-blocks-chase-n-slide-playhouse-story-amusement-park


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