May 2020

The Importance And Benefits Of Extended Breastfeeding

The Importance and Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding 2 Weeks ago my baby boy turned 3, but that was not our only milestone. In fact, we hit another great milestone together that day, because 2 weeks ago also marked 3 years of breastfeeding for us. Those who have followed us from the start will know that our breastfeeding journey has not been an easy one, in fact I feel that one

A Letter To My Three Year Old

A Letter To My Three Year Old My sweet, sweet boy. Another year has passed and I’m pretty sure this one flew by even faster than the last. I look back to last year and a lot of you are still the same, but then there’s so much that have changed as well. Mommy always says – same same, but different. You are still the same sweet, kind and loving