Nova Pioneer bridging the remote learning gap

Nova Pioneer Bridging The Remote Learning Gap

The Covid-19 Pandemic took the world by storm and none of us were prepared for what was yet to come. So many people have suffered the consequences of the nationwide shutdown imposed in South Africa on the 26thof March 2020, and in some industries irreversible damage was caused. I believe as a country we have all been facing new and difficult challenges in our own unique ways. Schools definitely at the top of the list. With an already packed and demanding syllabus, schools, teachers and parents were placed under an incredible amount of pressure, since most schools, lets face it, were unprepared for remote learning. We all know there is a big gap in the industry when it comes to remote learning, since not all schools and learners have access to the internet, smart phones, tablets and wifi-connectivity.

But there is a little hope in the midst of the storm. Nova Pioneer Schools were so inspired by the stories of those who have already done so much to ease the tough times that many of our fellow South Africans are facing, that they too felt the need to do their bit however small that may be. They saw it as an opportunity to truly live out their #GreaterTogether culture principle. So, the Nova Pioneer team made some of their custom designed and comprehensive learning resources available on their website. Parents and families who are not part of Nova Pioneer’s community can now access online learning resources for their children through the Nova Pioneer website. This initiative has been launched with the intention to support learners and families who may not have access to any, or high-quality, learning materials during the schools shut down. All of the learning packets were custom-designed by their very own in-house Learning Design Team for Pre-Primary to Primary School learners. Parents of learners gr 000 – gr 7 can find their free online learning resources here . Each at home learning pack includes a daily schedule and detailed activities with clear instructions in every learning area, thus it is easy to follow. What I also loved about their pack is that everything was easy to do using materials readily available to most of us. 

Yet, this is still not entirely bridging the gap right? There are so many schools and learners who does not have the privilege of having access to laptops, smart phones, printers, and internet connectivity. In an attempt to bridge that gap Nova Pioneer schools also decided to partner with NGO’s across the country  to offer the learning material to students in marginalized communities who do not have access to a computer or internet, to continue learning during lockdown. One of the NGO’s based in KZN will be printing out and sharing the Nova Pioneer resources with nearly 10,000 vulnerable and marginalized children in the KZN area to help and support these kids during this very strenuous and stressfull time.

Nova Pioneer took a step in the right direction to proof that anything is possible when we, as a country, take hands and work together, because after all aren’t we in this together? I do believe that in doing something that seems so small, we can make a huge impact in the lives of other and this will cause a ripple effect.


I do believe that each of us have an important role to play, and maybe there is a role private schools can play to help and support learners who do not have easy access to learning materials?


As the president said: “Even as we find ourselves at a moment of great peril, even as great sacrifices are demanded, as we dare not allow our vigilance to waver, we look to a better future. I’ve faith in the strength of South Africans, who proved throughout history that they can rise to the challenge. We shall recover… we shall overcome and prosper.”

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