AcornKids – A Whole New World of Educational Bathtime Fun

Acorn Kids – A Whole New World of Educational Bathtime Fun

As a mom I have come to love versatile products – One product, one expense  and  a whole lot of uses, but what I love even more than versatile products, are  products that are not only educational, but also allows Aryan to explore and develop his curiosity without leaving a huge mess for me to clean! Moms, I hear you, there is nothing worse than having to come home, after a long day at work, and then having to entertain your busy toddler by helping him/her create a huge mess that you need to clean after everyone is already tucked in and drifting off to dreamland.

Aryan is a sensory seeker – he loves to explore everything with his senses – which means messy or sensory play is a favorite in our household. He can never just paint a picture or play in a sensory bowl, no, the messier he gets – the happier he is, and I have come to accept that my child will always end up looking like Picasso’s workshop after an activity is done. That being said, I have always wondered if there isn’t an easier way to let him play, without having to struggle half an hour to scrub him clean and then still having to shamefully send my partly blue,yellow and red stained troll to school the next day. So, when Bianca from Acorn Kids Wierda Park contacted me and asked me if we would like to review some products, I was thrilled! I have heard a lot about acorn kids, but honestly were a little skeptical – the products looked like a ton of fun, BUT Aryan has had some allergic reactions to certain bath products, and I am always a little careful with products that look like they can easily stain. After some intense product testing by Aryan, his cousins…and myself, I can confidently say that Acornkids is pretty amazing and I am yet to find another product as versatile, exciting and fun as the acorn kids products!

Acornkids specializes in products designed for children and babies keeping in mind fun, imagination and the energy of children. Acorn kids understands that a child’s childhood is a magical time of discovery and learning and their vision is to integrate the daily activities of children with products that can magically transform everyday actions into an opportunity for them to learn, grow and explore. Acornkids is guaranteed to turn your child’s bath time into an enjoyable and educational experience, an extravaganza of color, fun and excitement or to ensure a clean, fun and educational “mess” outside of the tub. Acornkids products are definitely appealing to young, curious minds – the colorful packaging and the elements of surprise promises FUN and it does not disappoint.

Enough talking, let’s get to the products and how we tested them:

1. Super Slush

The super slush is being mentioned first for a reason- because it’s SUPER Cool! You can create so many different sensory activities from this product and they all guarantee HOURS of playtime for ALL ages – yes mom, even you! The super slush comes in 2 steps and each step offers an opportunity for learning, growth and exploration. The first step turns the water into slush and the second step slowly turns the slush back into water, while it changes the color of the slush simultaneously. We used the super slush for sensory play through a sensory bowl where the kids could experience the different textures created by step 1 and step 2, we used it to learn about solids and liquids, colors (blue and yellow mixed together makes green)  and even sea animals. We also used it to practice those fine motor and cognitive skills (just add some pom poms, an empty bowl and some tweezers) and the best of all was that it left behind NO mess for mom to clean. The super slush promises to entertain everyone in the family – even grandpa and grandma – and is a full on sensory experience where the kids could FEEL the different textures, SEE different textures as well as how it turns from a solid to a liquid and they could even SMELL the different steps (step 2 smells AMAZING)!

2. Bath Crayons

The bath crayons are made from high quality beeswax which means that it actually doubles up as face or body paint. Once again, this product is so versatile, and we were able to use it in so many different fun and unique ways. We learned about body parts and practiced our fine motor skills through painting the kids’ faces and then giving them a mirror and small sponge and asking them to wipe clean their face while they tell us about the different body parts they see. We learned about colors and shapes as we used the crayons to trace our special shapes on the bath and then having to match the correct colors and shapes. We also practiced our pincer grip and drawing skills since Aryan could finally draw and write on any surface including the bath, tiles and walls. What I loved about the crayons are that they wiped off the surfaces pretty easily while it stuck a little more to their faces which comes in pretty handy with busy, wild little toddlers, since they are constantly wiping over their faces or having a little meltdown and a few tears won’t leave the “paint” running all over their face! This is definitely an awesome party favor idea (my pleasure!). These colorful, bullet shape crayons encourages creative play, colour awareness, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination and strengthens arm muscles all while they are getting clean and having fun!

3. Kaleido Foam

This was my favorite product by far. Man, I love this product! It smells DEVINE and is so light and fluffy I just want to hide it and use it for myself. When sprayed into your hands it looks like the foam “grows” and this was definitely a sensory play hit in our household! We used the kaleido foam to make kaleido foam clay (by adding some maizena), for sensory bowls (by placing it in the freezer or adding ice cubes) and for plain old bathtime fun. This product also encouraged a ton of imaginary play as the kids were making “balls”, “beards” and “clothing” out of the foam. I also loved how the foam changed the color of the bathwater as they were playing with it and even made some bubbles for them to play in. The foam is also light enough to “float” on the water and Aryan loved throwing it into the water or against the bathtub just to scoop it up again. And best of all – a little goes such a long way!

4. Angel beads & Angel Powder

The angel beads/angel powder makes learning about primary and secondary colors so so much fun. One bead/scoop turns the bathwater into a fun, bright color and Aryan couldn’t wait to choose his color every night. We also gave his cousins beads in a different color to see how the colors change when 2 or more colors are being mixed. Outside of the tub we enjoyed experimenting with the different colors by taking multiple see-through containers and adding a different colored bead/ scoop of powder into each of them. The kids loved watching the water slowly change color as the bead/powder unleashed it’s color changing power. Once our beads were fully dissolved and our water colored, the experimenting started. They started pouring the water over into each other’s containers to see which color the water will change to when for example red and green is mixed together – this opened up a conversation about primary and secondary colors. Once they were done we poured the water into one large bowl, added some cups and spoons and the activity kept them entertained for quite some time all while they were learning about colors and practicing their fine and gross motor skills – mess and stain free!. Once again #win-win.

5. Roll-It! Body and Craft Paint

This is an arts and crafts lifesaver I tell you! Remember the day Aryan turned himself into a miniature Avatar? Well these would have been particularly useful that day! I loved that the paint could easily be rolled on so Aryan were able to paint his hands for our arts and crafts activities himself or to even just roll it over the paper – no need for paintbrushes or water to clean a single paintbrush every time before trying the next color. Since Aryan could use this product independently it also encouraged him to do more and really participate in the activities, which helped increase his self-confidence to complete the tasks himself. This also makes for a fun bath paint AND it just rinses off with some water – no scrubbing and no tears – a mother and child’s dream!

6. Bathpops

Last, but not least we have the oh so fun bathpops! These are like a little kinderjoy for bathtime. The little capsules each contain different foam shapes that slowly appears in the water as the capsule dissolves. They come in a variety of exciting themes and colors from dinosaurs, monsters, bugs and birds to fantasy sets suchs a Cinderella and Jack and the beanstalk and even fruits and vegetables. The bathpops are designed to encourage creative and imaginary play through shape identification and storytelling, and the shapes can be stuck to the tiles or bath tub. We used our bath crayons to trace our shapes on the bathtub to create a little bathtub “puzzle” for Aryan. Aryan had to match the shapes to its “shadow”. Aryan also got to sort the different shapes into colors by lining them up in the bathtub. We also used our shapes to learn more about wild animals and eventually will use them as part of our arts and crafts activity, but for now I just enjoy watching Aryan’s imagination take him and his little foam shaped animals on some wild bath time adventures.

These are just some of Aryan’s favorite products, BUT there are so so much more to choose from. For the older kids they have body wash doodlers, soap putty’s, gloop, squish and squeeze jelly bubbles and even bath time foam stickers. These products definitely bring the F.U.N back into bathtime and ensures that your child learns through play. They make excellent birthday or even Christmas gifts with their unique combo deals and with products starting at only R28 makes it incredibly affordable too! With acornkids it truly is only a matter of win-win-win! You can browse their exciting range on: . For more information on the products or to purchase please contact Bianca on 076 896 9048 or visit her page . Follow our FB page – for more fun ideas and details on the above mentioned activities. 

Remember – Bathtime is only successful when your kids get wetter than you do! 

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