Little Gentlemen goes KiCoco

Little Gentlemen goes KiCoco

As a First-time boy mom, I’ve faced many challenges, but one of my greatest, most frustrating challenges has been finding good quality, yet stylish and fashionable clothing for my wild boy child. Girly prettiness is everywhere, and you can find just about anything pretty, sparkly and pink in every single clothing store you step in, by the isles, but somehow boy’s fashion is limited to jeans, paw patrol, and superheroes with a dinosaur hiding every here and there. In a desperate attempt to find my boy something other than cartoon characters and superheroes I turned to some of our now favorite LOCAL clothing stores, and mahn I wish I knew of them from the very start!

Little Gentlemen is a local South African brand that strives to give their customers unique, top quality, yet affordable products whilst keeping comfort, and style in mind. Their products are handmade, and locally produced and sourced making it a 100% #proudlysouthafrican business. 

Little Gentlemen were one of our first encounters with a local clothing manufacturer and I couldn’t be happier to have crossed paths with them. Our walk with them has been extraordinary from the get-go and this is one of the things I love most about supporting our local small businesses – you don’t only get cute, original and unique pieces, but you build special friendships with each and every owner. You are not just another number on their client list, but you really matter to them – and this is exactly what Little Gentlemen is about.

Boy moms – think real leather vellies, unique little baby grows, and thee cutest diaper cover and suspender sets – all made to outlast your wild toddler boychild.

Girl moms, there’s tons of cute outfits for your princesses as well – from pretty pink leather vellies to camo sets to gorgeous costumes, and their genuine leather sandal range is truly one of a kind (I wish they stocked these in adult sizes too!). Their combo sets make for excellent baby shower, birthday or Christmas gifts too – wink, wink.

Little Gentlemen truly makes me proud of South African small businesses – They check all of the boxes – Quality, Style, Comfort, and Affordability!

And as if all of the above does not amount to enough excitement, I am thrilled to announce that they will soon launch a whole new brand called KiCoco Clothing!!!! This brand will include boys, girls and unisex clothing ranging from sizes, wait for it… newborn, up to 9-10 years!!!!  KiCoco is inspired by KIDS around the world and the owner’s love for coconuts and islands. All of their designs are based on inspiration gained from nature. But not to worry, they will still have all of their original best sellers available on the new website in addition to the new range.

As an added bonus – KiCoco strives to be sustainable and therefore they are a 100% NO WASTE brand! They use all of their off cut fabrics in new designs and repurpose them for pillow covers and cushion stuffing. Now how awesome is that?

Moms (and dads) this is one brand that you do not want to miss out on! So keep your eyes posted for the launch of this new and super exciting brand! You can also view Little Gentlemen’s current range by tapping on the link – or .

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