Childs Farm – Bringing a Gentle Touch to Sensitive Skin

Childs Farm – Bringing a Gentle Touch to Sensitive Skin

But who said gentle means boring, dull, and fragranceless. That’s kind of the assumption we make when we hear of products made for sensitive or eczema prone skin, isn’t it? But Childs Farm is so much more than that.

Our family is constantly searching for products that are not only affordable, but also value for money, but lately there is an added pressure to invest in products that are not only family friendly, but planet friendly as well – products that help preserve our earthly home for our future generations. Unfortunately, I have noticed that it can become quite a bit of a challenge to find that all-in-one product, because planet friendly does not always mean budget friendly and vice versa. You can only imagine our excitement when we were introduced to Childs Farm – a true all-in-one brand. A brand that is fun for kids, gentle on their skin and the planet, smells AMAZING, and is a strong competitor affordability wise.

So what makes Childs Farm so different and unique?

Childs Farm is an Award Winning British brand that uses naturally derived ingredients and organic essential oils to produce mild, kind and delicious smelling toiletries that care for the skin and hair of newborns, babies and children. They are also currently the UK’s number 1 sensitive toiletry brand for babies and children. The Childs Farm products are made with sensitive skin in mind and are suitable for all ages, yes even your newborn. But that’s not all… get this – most of their range is also registered with the Vegan Society and they are also certified by Cruelty Free International, which means that their products are never tested on animals and only people! All of the Childs Farm products are dermatologist and pediatrician approved and suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin. Childs Farm wants to not only bring the fun back into bath time but they also want children to feel happy in the skin they were given – be it normal, sensitive, dry or even eczema prone.

This sounds amazing, but have you actually tried it? 

Yes, yes and yes! We tried and tested this product for exactly 2 months, and yes I said WE. I wanted to hear what the entire family thought of the products so I used a couple of channels from Aryan, to myself, to his Big sister and eventually his grandmother (who has eczema prone skin) and his cousins, and I am so happy and excited to FINALLY share our experience!

What we loved:

  1. THE SMELL! No other baby bath product compares, that’s a promise. I could actually smell the products through the packaging when they arrived, that’s how amazing it is! With fragrances such as organic tangerine, blackberry and organic apples, sweet orange, watermelon and organic pineapple, strawberry and organic mint and so much more, your house is guaranteed to be filled with the happiest, and yummiest of aromas during and after bath time. The smell was such a hit with everyone, even my husband, and I kid you not my toddler tried to eat the bubbles.
  2. The Packaging – The packaging is colorful and very appealing. It instantly got the attention of my toddler. It definitely spells out F.U.N and Aryan could not wait for bath time every night just so that he could pick a bottle, smell it and then point out all the animals on the packaging.

3. The Shampoo is AMAZING! It contains argan oil to help moisturize the hair and left both Aryan and my own hair shiny, soft and tangle free. My ultimate favorite is the strawberry and organic mint detangling shampoo, not only do I love the smell, but I also love how it leaves my very curly and frizzy hair feeling soft and looking moisturized and healthy, while it smells great too.

4. I absolutely love the 3-in-1 swim product – and with winter coming to an end this is the perfect summer essential to take along on all of your family adventures or just to keep in your baby or child’s swim bag. This all in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash, washes away chlorine leaving your skin and hair looking clean, and shiny and smelling heavenly.

5. The Bubble bath – The bubble bath is definitely a family favorite. The first thing Aryan’s big sister said after bathing in the bubble bath was that it did not leave her skin feeling sticky and icky like other bubble baths do. The bubbles are so so soft and light and immediately made me think of a newborn’s skin. Even I love the bubble bath and once again – the smell is divine.

6. The moisturizing cream– Aryan gets little dry patches all over his body during winter and I were really excited to see if the moisturizing cream would make a difference – it did! I could already see the dry patches clear up after 3 applications (so 3 nights) of using it and after about a week the patches were gone. The moisturizing cream is however only slightly fragranced, but it clearly works wonders.

7. I love what they stand for– I love that they are cruelty free (they are certified by the Leaping Bunny which is the most trusted cruelty free certification for non-animal tested cosmetics and personal care products), and eco-friendlier than most baby brands out there. They are almost entirely vegan (animal-derived ingredients are bad for the environment), and their products contain less chemicals and nasties since it is typically made up of 96% Soil Association Permitted Ingredients. They also sell biodegradable, plastic free wetwipes. So yay to an environmentally conscious brand! 

All-in-all Childs Farm really exceeded my expectations and they have become a strong favorite in our household. There really weren’t anything that we disliked about the products, except maybe the way the caps/lids of the bottles were made (I personally, would prefer one of those push and spray lids, like the ones they have on their cream), but that really is about it. The products are a bit more expensive than your average baby care products, but a little goes a long way and I really do feel that it is value for money. I don’t mind investing in products that does not only protect and take care of my rough and tough boy’s skin, but also do the same for the planet. Childs Farm definitely brought the Fun and excitement back into our  bath time routine. 


You can read more about Childs Farm products by following this link . Childs Farm is available at selected Checkers, Baby City, Pick n Pay, Clicks and BabiesRus stores, as well as on Takealot.  

PS: The fun a child is having in the bathtub is equal to the amount of water splashed all over the floor.

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